Here's how to make a chatterbox with our easy step by step guide

How to make a chatterbox is easy when you know how, all you need is paper and this tutorial

How to make a chatterbox illustrated by woman folding paper
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How to make a chatterbox couldn't be easier with our helpful guide to hand - paper at the ready - fold!

Kids love crafts, and we definitely have you covered with our whether 50 easy crafts for kids  and our 15 best paper crafts not to mention giving paper mache a go too.

This playground favourite, classic paper game is easy to create at home with children. Be as creative as you like with your favourite colours and imaginative fortunes to predict for one another. Or, as mum-of-one, Bex tells us it's not just for kids; "I made paper chatterboxes for my friends hen do - it was a right laugh! Each section had one line memory in it from each hen and she had to guess who it was from."

If you want to have more fun, why not fill your fortune teller / chatterbox with funny activities or exciting adventures? We’ve got some animal themed suggestions for you in our tutorial to try.

How to make a chatterbox

To make a chatterbox you will need;

  1. A4 piece of paper
  2. Colouring pens or pencils
  3. Scissors

How to make a chatterbox

1. Take an A4 piece of paper and fold one corner across to form a triangle. Press down to crease the edge.

2. Cut off the excess rectangle at the end with a pair of scissors.

3. Open out the triangle and fold the opposite corners together. Press along the edge to form a crease.

4. Open out again and, this time, fold each point of the square into the centre. Continue until you have a square.

5. Turn the square over and fold the square points into the centre again. Press the edges down to crease.

6. Now fold the fortune teller in half. Open out and fold in half along the opposite crease.

7. Slip your thumbs and forefingers under the corner flaps. Your fortune teller is now ready for some decoration.

8. Using some felt tip pens or coloured pencils, colour in the four outer squares.

9. Flip the square over and fill the triangles with numbers 1-8.

10. Lift the triangle flaps and write down fun dares, games or fortunes underneath.

We’ve chosen some animal themed activities like: moo like a cow, hop like a rabbit, woof like a dog, skip like a kangaroo, sing like a bird, swim like a fish, meow like a cat, crawl like a crab. Or, you could add some fun predictions - let your imagination go wild!

11. Fold the fortune teller or chatterbox back up and you’re ready to play.

What do you put in a chatterbox?

Messages, jokes, affirmations, memories. It really is up to the person making it and why they're making it. For example if it's a morning ritual before school you do positive affirmations reminding your child why they are strong and kind. 

Or if your chatterbox is being made for someone's birthday you can add your favourite one liner memory of them, or all the reasons they're a great friend. 

You could even make a 'things to do this weekend' chatterbox and in each section write an activity like 'race to the park, or 'make your own bubbles', or 'watch a movie'.

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