How to make cork organisers

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  • Create this colourful cork organiser to bring some order to your home and display important papers in style

    If you’re struggling to keep your home tidy, then this cork organisers make is the project for you.

    Spruce up tired old cork boards with our geometric design and bold colour combination.

    Fancy something a little different? Swap the hexagonal shape for a mixture of squares, triangles, and pentagons with the same side measurements. Arrange them so they fit together in a medley of shapes and colours.

    This is a great idea for helping little ones learn their shapes. Why not create a display like this for a homework area or bedroom.

    For more organiser inspiration for a child’s bedroom, take a look at this letter corkboard and cloud pinboard to make. They can be personalised to suit any style or room around your home.

    With its striking appearance, this cork organisers make is more wall art than practical storage board.

    So why not get even more creative with this string art idea, upcycling an old corkboard into a bright canvas creation? This is a great project if you’re looking for something to make as a gift for a friend without breaking the bank on expensive craft materials.

    How to make cork organisers

    You will need:

    • Sheet of cork
    • Cutting mat
    • Craft knife
    • Pen
    • Ruler
    • Paper
    • Scissors
    • Rust-Oleum painter’s touch spray paint
    • Newspaper

    How to make cork organisers:

    1. Draw a hexagon shape on a piece of paper or print one out. Cut out the templates and transfer the outline onto the reverse of the cork sheet with the pen and ruler.

    2. Using the craft knife, cut out as many hexagon shapes as you like from the sheet of cork.

    3. Position the cutout cork shapes on a surface protected by newspaper and in a well-ventilated space. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, spray a coat of paint on the surface of the cork.

    4. Repeat the coats of spray paint until no cork can be seen beneath and there’s an even coverage. Allow to dry completely before use.