How to make personalised tealight holders

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  • Whether you make these for yourself, for a friend, or to sell, you’re going to love the end result!

    In just three simple steps we show you how to take a plain glass jar and turn it into a pretty personalised candle holder.

    Using metallic paint means the light reflects off the sides of your jars, giving a beautiful, soft glow adding an almost magical feel.

    If you don’t fancy stenciling letters onto your candle holders then you could try any other shape that you like. Stars, hearts and leaves all make pretty detailing but really you can use anything at all.

    We think these are pretty enough to sell so why not have a go? They’re inexpensive to make and really simple, meaning they’re the perfect first time project if you’re setting up a craft stall.

    People often go wrong by trying to make things that are too ambitious and feeling overwhelmed when it comes to making them in bulk.

    Keep things simple and you’re sure to be more successful, those are our words of wisdom for you!

    You will need

    -Computer and printer

    -Sticky labels


    -Metal ruler

    -Cutting mat


    -Masking tape

    -Spray paint

    Step 1

    Print your chosen letters on to sticky labels. Ensure you choose a font which allows large, thick letters and select the ‘outline’ option, so you don’t waste printer ink. Use a sharp scalpel to cut out the letters and stick each centrally on the front of a glass.

    Step 2

    Cover the top of the glass with masking tape, then turn it over. The tape will keep the spray line at the top neat and even.

    Step 3

    In a well-ventilated area, add four or five light layers of spray paint. Once completely dry, remove the stickers and put a tealight inside.

    Top tip: Spray the glass upside down, so the bottom gets a silver coating, too. The flickering candlelight will then bounce off all the sides.