How to make pop-coloured vases from old bottles

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  • With so few materials needed to make them, this speedy craft idea is perfect for adding a bit of quick summer colour for in and around your home. Any size bottle will do the trick depending on whether you’d prefer to display individual flowers, or a whole bunch!

    You will need

    • Newspaper or old sheets
    • Glass bottles
    • Spray paints (colours optional)

    How to make the vases

    Step 1
    Firstly, you will need to cover the floors or your chosen work surface with newspapers or old sheets and ensure that the room you are working in is well ventilated before using any of the paint.

    Step 2
    Place your glass bottles on the covered work surface so that the opening of the bottle is face down with the base in the air.

    Step 3
    Select one of the spray paint colours, (make sure you give it a little shake) and start to spray the paint evenly around the base of the glass bottle.

    Step 4
    Continue spraying paint in even amounts down and around the bottle in a circular motion until you’ve reached your desired effect.

    Step 5
    Allow as much time as needed for the paint to dry before trying to move the bottle.

    Step 5
    Repeat this with as many glass bottles as you like, to create a variety of different coloured vases to match different interiors.

    Step 6
    Once you are happy with the result, you can fill the vase with water and pop a flower (or flowers) inside and they’re good to go!

    Arrange your colourful crafts around your home for a fresh, new way of displaying flowers.

    If you would like to get even more creative, you could use more than one colour on each bottle to create a rainbow effect or a design of your choice.

    (These vases are also great for a gift idea, so why not thank your school teacher with a difference this year!)

    Don’t forget, you can send us your photos of any of the crafts you’ve made. We love to see them and be inspired!