How to make shell vases

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  • Upcycle a plain set of vases with some pretty seashells

    Learn to make shell vases with this simple tutorial. All you need is some shells to make this stylish set of coastal vases for your home.

    We’ve made our set of shell vases in all white shades, but you can use colourful vases for a bright display or black vases with white shells for an eye-catching monochrome effect. Whichever you choose, be sure to match the colour-scheme to your home’s style. And don’t forget to fill them with fragrant blooms or faux flowers.

    If you don’t have any shells but want to follow the nautical theme, why not try blue and white buttons to create a striped sailor look? Or you could create your own faux shells from air-dry clay instead. Carry the seaside theme throughout your home with these coastal coasters and placemats to match.

    To make the shell vases you will need:

    • Variety of white shells

    • Three different vases

    • Brown flat suede cord

    • Thumbtack or sharp scissors

    • Multi-purpose glue

    How to make shell vases

    How to make a shell vase:

    1. For the tall vase, take a scallop-shaped shell and create a small hole at the top by gently twisting a thumbtack or sharp point of a pair of scissors into the shell. Thread the hole with a 30cm length of flat brown suede cord and wrap around the neck of the vase. Wrap about three times around the vase and secure with a knot at the back.

    2. For the medium vase, squeeze a line of glue around the top of the vase. Position some coffee-bean trivia shells on top of the glue in a row, making sure to add more glue if needed to hold the shells in place. Allow to dry before repeating with another row of shells underneath.

    3. For the short vase, take five tusk shells to create a single star shape. Use the glue to apply five lines of glue, pushing each tusk shell into the glue to form the star. Repeat to cover the vase in stars. Allow to dry completely.

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