How to make toilet roll Christmas decorations

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  • If you’re wondering how to make toilet roll Christmas decorations that don’t look like, well, toilet roll, then we’ve got the perfect craft for you. 

    Probably not the first place you’d look for festive inspiration but, if you’re on a budget or an eco-warrior, you’ll love making these toilet roll Christmas decorations. Turning your unwanted toilet roll tubes into these colourful Christmas decorations is a great way to combat waste whilst decorating your home. Plus, they make wonderfully fun Christmas crafts for kids to keep them busy.

    Paint these star-shaped hangers in your favourite Christmas colours, we’ve done ours in a folk-style red, mustard and teal. But they’d look great painted in metallic gold and silver or a traditional red and green.

    There’s plenty of other things you can make with your leftover toilet roll tubes, like this fun and festive toilet roll Santa. Haven’t been saving your old toilet rolls? Learn how to make paper chains or a snowmen bowling set from tin cans instead.

    To make Christmas decorations from toilet roll tubes you will need:

    • Old toilet roll tubes
    • Paint
    • Paintbrush
    • Pencil and ruler
    • Scissors
    • Ribbon

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    Create the toilet roll Christmas decorations

    How to make Christmas decorations from toilet roll tubes:

    1. Begin by painting your toilet roll tubes on the inside and outside. Make sure to choose contrasting colours so your Christmas decorations really stand out. Allow to dry completely.

    2. Then using the pencil and ruler, measure the length of the toilet roll tube and mark two lines 1cm wide at the centre. Draw the lines all the way around the toilet roll tubes.

    3. With the scissors, snip from one of the bottom edges right up to the closest centre line, continue cutting around the base at 1.5cm intervals. Repeat for the top section.

    4. Then cut the strips into pointed triangles, it will begin to resemble a crown. Make sure to keep the off-cuts of the painted card – it makes great confetti to decorate your Christmas table with.

    5. Fold the triangle pieces back on themselves, making sure to crease the cardboard so they stay in a star shape.

    Fold the points back to create a star toilet roll Christmas decoration
    6. Add some ribbon around the centre of your Christmas decoration and tie in a knot ready to hang from your Christmas tree, wreath or garland.