Mother's Day crafts for kids

These Mother's Day cards, 'I owe you' vouchers and gorgeous body scrub jars are easy for kids to make and you'll love them, too

Mother's Day crafts for kids
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These Mother's Day crafts for kids are cheap, quick and easy to create and make fab gift ideas you can make with the kids for Mum this Mother's Day.

So mum, stepmum, mother-in-law, nan, great grandma or even a new mummy friend will feel truly loved on this special day, without you having to spend a small fortune on shop-bought treats.

Bake a Mother's Day cake, rustle up some delicious Mother's Day breakfast ideas to take up to mum in bed and make one of these lovely crafts to go with it.

The kids will love tearing and ripping up pieces of brightly-coloured paper for our 'MUM' card craft and younger crafters can have fun printing roses using our clever, but oh-so-simple, celery stamp idea.

Drop a few hints before the cards are ready to pop inside an envelope and your kids might even enclose one of our brilliant 'I owe you' vouchers or mix up some gorgeous body scrub for you - it even comes in a beautiful jewelled jar.

Present your crafts to mum over Mother's Day lunch or enjoy sharing them with a cup of tea.

If you have been making Mother's Day crafts at home, do tweet us a picture to @GoodtoKnow on Twitter!

We hope you all enjoy making these lovely crafts and we wish you a very happy Mother's Day.

'MUM' card Mother's Day crafts

This bright and bold card is made from torn paper so it's fun and easy for even younger crafters to do.

Mother's Day crafts ideas MUM card.

'MUM' card equipment

1 yellow sheet of A4 card; pink, blue, brown and light green A4 paper; ruler; glue stick; scissors; green ribbon; mini wooden peg.

How to make a 'MUM' card

Fold a sheet of yellow card in half and tear the pink paper into the word 'MUM' - you can use a ruler to help you tear the paper neatly. Rip the blue, brown, green paper in half lengthways. Assemble the blue, brown and green paper on the yellow card as shown in the picture above, leaving a little of the yellow card showing at the top, then stick everything down and trim off the excess paper. Stick the pink 'MUM' letters on top. Tie the green ribbon into a pretty bow and attach it to the card using the wooden peg. Your 'MUM' card is ready to write in and send.

Homemade Mother's Day with rose design

Your kids will need some celery and paint to make this pretty stamped-rose card.

Mother's Day crafts homemade Mother's Day card.

Rose card equipment

White and brown A4 card; celery heart; pink paint squirted onto a paper plate; green paint; paintbrush; scissors; glue; brown felt pen; pink ribbon.

How to make a rose card

Take a celery heart and cut off the stalks using a knife. Dip the celery heart, stalks-end first, into the pink paint and make a print onto white card (have a few test prints first). Paint on a green stalk and some leaves and the celery print will suddenly start to look like a rose. Once the rose has dried, cut it out and stick it onto brown card, which has been folded in half. Using a brown felt pen draw a wood effect around the border to look like a wooden frame. Then tie a pink bow and stick it onto the rose card to finish it off.

Homemade gift voucher for Mother's Day

Because what mums really want is a break from the housework and maybe even breakfast in bed.

Mother's Day crafts idea, homemade IOU voucher.

'I owe you' gift voucher equipment

Mum I owe you voucher PDF; scissors; glue; tan-coloured card; hole punch; ribbon; black pen.

How to make an 'I owe you' gift voucher

Print off your 'mum I owe you' voucher, then cut the voucher out. Cut out a large gift-tag shape from the tan card and stick the voucher on. Next, punch a hole in the corner of the gift tag voucher and tie on a ribbon. Write your gift on the voucher using your best black pen and your voucher is ready to give away.

Homemade Mother's Day body scrub

Kids will have fun mixing up this gorgeous beauty scrub using skin-loving ingredients from the kitchen, and it comes in a pretty pink jar too.

Homemade body scrub for Mother's Day crafts

Body scrub jar equipment

Extra virgin olive oil; sugar; 5 drops of lavender essential oil; spoon; 1 jar with lid; pink acrylic paint; PVA glue; paintbrush; iridescent white glitter; stick-on gems; pink ribbon.

How to make a body scrub jar

To make the body scrub, mix equal parts of sugar and olive oil together, followed by 5 drops of lavender essential oil and spoon the scrub into a clean jar. To decorate the jar, paint the lid using a 50/50 mixture of paint and PVA glue, then sprinkle over the glitter and once it's dried completely, stick a gem in the middle. Stick more gems around the outside of the jar, pop on the lid, then tie on a pretty bow and your lovely body scrub jar gift is ready. You could even tie on a small label with 'body scrub' written on it.

Safety: Supervise children when using scissors or a knife, or do the cutting for them.

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