How to make a simple storage jar craft

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  • Get the kids to manage their own mess while enjoying a fun craft afternoon, all in one!

    These sweet storage jars are perfect for keeping pens, pencils, small toys and all manner of bits and bobs in order. Because of their glass bottoms you can still see exactly where everything is, it just won’t be spilled all over the floor or table!

    If your house is anything like ours then we’re sure you’ll have plenty of plastic toys lying around not being played with anymore. Put them to good use on the top of these jars, giving them a new lease of life.

    This craft will only take half a morning or afternoon and you’ll have a lovely personalised storage solution by the end.

    Why not get each of your children to choose a colour for their things, or a particular type of animal? So you can keep all of their bits together easily.

    These jars can also easily be adapted for events throughout the year. Why not use rabbits for Easter or reindeer for Christmas? Then you can fill them full of your favourite sweets or biscuits and leave them out as a decoration and a treat jar in one, that’s our favourite kind of multi-tasking!

    You will need

    -Jam jars

    -Hot glue gun

    -Small plastic toys

    -Spray paint

    Step 1

    Clean the jam jars thoroughly. Removing any sticky labels from the glass.

    Step 2

    Use a hot glue gun to stick one toy onto the top of each lid.

    Step 3

    Spray the lid with three or four light coats of paint. A few light coats are better than one or two thick ones as it prevents the pain from running. Leave the paint to dry a day or two before you fill the jars with sweet treats.

    Top tip: Enamel-based paints give a high-shine finish and come in beautiful colours.