How to make photo frames using only washi tape

Cheap, easy and fun to make photo frames using washi tapes.

There is nothing better than decorating the walls of your bedroom (or elsewhere) with some of your favourite photos of your friends, family and personal memories.

But instead of just using blue tack to do the job of sticking to the wall, why not use or invest in some decorative washi tape?

Cheap, easy to use and readily available, washi tape can come in a variety of different colours, patterns and designs, which can be used to create your own personalised, photo frames.

If you have run out of photo frames, or space on the furniture to prop and hang your pictures, these speedy craft (opens in new tab) photo frames are ready to fill that void!

You will need:

  • Photos

  • Blue tack (or another form of adhesive if you'd prefer)

  • Patterned washi tape

  • Scissors

How to make your frames

Step 1 Firstly position your selected photos on the wall and begin to stick in to place with a little blue tack in each corner.

Step 2 Using your washi tape and scissors, start to stick strips of washi tape around each side of the photo to create a frame.

Step 3 Cut any remnants of washi tape to decrease any overlaps for a clean, cut corner of the frame.

Step 4 Apply to all your photos to create an array of uniquely framed pictures on your wall.

A great thing about this craft, is the washi tape can frame photos of many sizes and shapes so why not try cutting your photos into different shapes to create a varied display on your wall. Maybe diamonds, triangles or even stars!

It doesn't just have to stop at the bedroom walls; why not frame childhood memories and photos with the washi tape on your fridge or freezer to brighten up your kitchen!