Best interactive pets for kids: 15 gift ideas for children of all ages

From puppies to axolotls, take a look at our selection of the best interactive pets you can buy that are sure to be a hit with little animal lovers

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From Furbys to robot dogs, and puppies to geckos, we round up the best interactive pets for kids. Even though we have included interactive pets in our round up of the best toys for six-year-olds, they actually make great toys for kids of all ages, teaching emotional intelligence, empathy and responsibility, while also instilling nurturing skills. Fostering these characteristics is hugely important, especially if your child wants a real pet, or you plan on introducing one into the family at a later date.

Interactive pets aren't a new concept, there are a few on this list that are classic toys that have been around for years. But advances in technology means that there are more interactive pets than ever to choose from.

For this list, we've chosen our favourites based on our in-depth experience and product knowledge, customer reviews and the bestsellers. Our selection is suitable for a variety of ages ranges, with prices from £9.99 to £66.99.

15 interactive pets for kids

Why are interactive pets good for children?

Interactive pets make great gifts for children as they really tap into imaginative play which is an important type of play for their development. GoodtoKnow expert panellist Dr Amanda Gummer explains: "Allowing children to engage in imaginative play and explore different scenarios, enhances their creativity and emotional intelligence."

These types of toys can also be enjoyed solo, which can be really beneficial in helping a child grow in their independence, practice their decision-making and concentration skills. Interactive pets can also help your child develop their nurturing side, and help expose them to the responsibilities that comes with real-life pet ownership.

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