Best pushchair toys: Our picks of the best products for prams and buggies

They can be both fun and educational
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  • Babies and toddlers spend a lot of time in their buggies and pushchairs, so anything that can keep them entertained is a saviour for parents.

    A good way to ensure your baby is content during a stroll is to stock up on pushchair toys that will offer some stimulation and fun for a little one.

    After all, a busy, distracted baby is a happy one.

    But, not only are pushchair toys a great way to keep youngsters occupied – especially if you’re running errands or doing a food shop – they also have a number of development benefits. Many are brightly coloured and make noises, so can help with sensory awareness. Some are also soft and cuddly, so can be very appealing for growing babies to grab and hug when they are in their prams and pushchairs.

    We’ve rounded up a selection of affordable goodies, all under £20, so there’s no need to worry about making a dent in your bank account.

    Lamaze offer some great baby pushchair toys and we’ve included a few in our roundup – like the Flannery the Fox one – which is Amazon’s best-selling pushchair toy, but is also sold at other retailers such as John Lewis.

    The brand also has an adorable “Captain Calamari,” which has glowing reviews for being such a great sensory toy. One gushing customer said, “Couldn’t resist this little fellow! A fun toy which has so many entertaining and educational features which stimulate baby’s senses. Colourful, with a variety of patterns; tactile with different textures; auditory with different sounds when handled and a hidden mirror for baby to discover. What’s not to love?”

    Another alternative toy which takes up a bit more space on a pushchair is the stroller sloth which hangs off the top of the buggy (just like real-life version would). It has a function where a child can pull its hand down to see it “climb” back up the branch. There’s also crinkly material for sensory stimulation and a mirror.

    Elsewhere, there’s the Jellycat farm book at John Lewis – which is both fun and educational, as it encourages reading and interaction.

    For more treats, shop our gallery below of the best pushchair toys