Best toys for 6 month olds 2022 - 24 items to help babies discover and explore

The back of a baby, sat on a rug, playing with musical instruments

The best toys for 6-month-olds are perfectly sized for little hands to engage with as they learn more about their surroundings.

You’ve got through the newborn phase and your baby is starting to explore the world around them. Whether you're scrolling through the best toys for 1 year olds (opens in new tab) or looking for something suitable for your little one from the top Christmas toys (opens in new tab) list, finding the best toys for six month olds can be a challenge.

While some 6-month-olds might be starting to crawl, others may only just be sitting, and some may be happy to just lie back and take in the world around them.

Best toys for 6-month-olds

Part of the fun of watching little ones grow and change is through play and finding interesting and engaging toys to help develop those fine motor skills. “They’ve found their hands and feet and are starting to explore what’s around them so toys which will satisfy their curiosity are great for babies of this age,” says family editor Stephanie Lowe.

“It also stops them from grabbing the nearest thing to hand which might not be so baby-friendly. There are so many toys to choose from to stimulate the different senses that it can be overwhelming. But we’ve come up with a great selection of the best toys for 6-month-olds to enjoy.”

Our list below contains the best toys for 6-month-olds - all of which will help them to learn about their environment as well as make playtime joyful and fun.

Each item in our roundup of the best toys for six-month-olds has been recommended by parents or people who have bought them as gifts for children.

1) Hide and Squeak Eggs

Plastic toy eggs inside a plastic yellow carton, one of the best toys for six month olds

Credt: Tomy

These chirpy little eggs will make a cracking toy for your 6-month-old.

As they open the box and discover what’s inside they will find half a dozen eggs, each with its own facial expression. They can be cracked open to reveal a different colour inside and each has a different shaped bottom that fits into its own slot inside the carton. When your little one takes them out to play, they will hear them chirp as they push the eggs in and out of their shells.

Shape sorting, colour recognition and a sensory symphony of sound are involved - all of which is great for keeping your baby amused. We’d heartily recommend these over a standard shape sorter and reckon this innovative toy is one of the best toys for six-month-olds you'll find.

Mum Liang agrees and wrote this in her Amazon review: “Probably one of my best investments in toys! My son has been playing with them since he was six months old, and he's still playing with them now at nearly 26 months in very different ways.”

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2) Dantoy Bio Stacking Play Cups

Dantoy Bio Stacking Play Cups, one of the best toys for six month olds

Credit: Dantoy

The best toys for six-month-olds are long-lasting and durable as well as fun. What sets these stacking cups apart from any others is that they are eco-friendly and made from sugarcane. For that reason alone we think they are worth the investment and definitely one of the best toys for six-month-olds that you can buy. They'll get years of use out of them. They are perfect toys for the living room, the sandpit, or bath, which means you can take them everywhere.

We love the versatility of these stacking cups which are durable and provide years of fun as your baby becomes a toddler. We love the muted pastel tones too as they are not too garish like some baby toys.

Reviewer Chiara wrote: “I bought this as a travel toy due to the versatility and the small size when you stack it. It turned out to be one of my daughter’s favourite toys. They entertain her in her car seat, on the plane, in the bath or on the sand at the beach. Initially, she just liked to take out the pieces or destroy towers, now she's learning to build them too, or to put the pieces back inside one another.”

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3) Chad Valley Bright Stars Pop Up Ball Pit

A pop up ball pit, one of the best toys for six month olds

Credit: Argos

A ball pit is one of the best toys for six-month-olds you could buy. It's a huge draw for your little one who will love the colours, textures and feel of this toy. We love it because it’s a pop up that can easily be packed away at the end of the day, and is transportable if you are visiting a grandparents' house.

It’s brightly coloured and is somewhere they can move around safely while you keep a close eye on them. It’s also a better alternative to soft play which can be very crowded and not the most relaxing place for a baby to explore. 

One happy reviewer wrote: “I bought the ball pit for Christmas and my daughter loves it. The sides were flexible enough to keep her in when she was small, and for her to get in and out by herself now she’s older.”

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4) Safari Plush Stacking Game

A plush safari stacking game, one of the best toys for six month olds

Credit: JoJo Maman Bebe

This lovely and soft alternative to stacking cups is a great toy for your 6-month-old to get to grips with. The animals are colourful and fun and can be played with individually or used to make a tower. They are great for practising fine motor skills and for learning the names of different animals.

You can take great delight in playing peek-a-boo, helping your baby to pile the animals up or talking about each one, where they live and the sounds they make. If you want a vibrant alternative to plastic then we would definitely recommend these as one of the best toys for six-month-olds.

One happy customer wrote this review: “This is a really lovely toy. It’s very soft and fun to play with, and a bit different to most other stacking toys. I would definitely recommend it.”

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5) Matchstick Monkey Teething Toy

A Matchstick Monkey teething toy, one of the best toys for six month olds

Credit: Matchstick Monkey

There are plenty of teething toys out there but Matchstick Monkey is one of the best teethers we have found.

While teethers like Sophie La Girafe are very popular, they don’t quite have the edge on Matchstick Monkey. It is thin and flexible making it easy for your little one to grip and chew. The plastic brush-like gel applicator is perfect for sore gums without having to add the gel. It also comes in five different colours which will brighten up playtime.

One happy mum wrote in her review: “Absolutely fantastic, tactile teething toy - soft and easy for a young baby to hold by handles or tail. The bumpy section is perfect for teething granules also. Monkey is indispensable.”

One of the best toys for six-month-olds? We think so.

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6) ABC What Can She Be?

Your baby is never too young to be introduced to books and while this might seem a little old for your 6-month-old, we think inspiring stories are definitely something that should be heard from a young age - which is why books are one of the best toys for six month olds.

This is a fun introduction to the alphabet which can be sung to your 6-month-old as you look at the bright and tantalising illustrations together. It’s also a board book so it's sturdy enough to withstand being thrown around and bashed against things if your baby decides they would like to play with it instead of turning the pages.

Reviewer Mary said: “This book is great! The illustrations are beautiful, the diversity of characters and professions portrayed is good. The quality is excellent - medium weight card pages, so perfect for little fingers to turn easily without thinking they've missed a page. My little girl seems to like looking at it and my 3-year-old is enjoying it also.”

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7) Rosa & Bo Woodland Nesting Babies

A twist on a traditional Babushka doll, these Rosa & Bo Nesting Babies are great fun for little hands to explore and definitely one of the best toys for six month olds that we've come across.

Consisting of the Rosa babies and chiming Bo Bunny, your 6-month-old will enjoy taking these apart and putting them back together. The joy of opening something up and finding out what’s inside will delight your little one again and again. We love the carefully thought out design of these characters.

This toy is also small enough to fit in a handbag so brilliant for keeping your baby amused while you are on the move. Reviewer Becky wrote: “We have bought several of the stacking sets, most recently the woodland animals. Both my children love them. Beautifully made and so tactile. Customer service is fantastic and the quality of their goods is amazing. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

VIEW AT JOJO MAMAN BEBE | £21.99 (opens in new tab)

8) Soft Woodland Cubes

Woodland themed creatures are making another appearance in our roundup of the best toys for 6-month-olds because we love them so much. This set of woodland cubes are a fun addition to any toy box. They can be cuddled, stacked, thrown, tumbled and chewed safely while your baby explores this exciting new toy. All the cubes are soft and make great rustling sounds when picked up. Your 6-month-old will have hours of fun playing with them.

One happy parent reviewer wrote: “Beautiful cubes which are easy to handle and good to chew. The rabbit ears are especially lovely. Safe to tumble. It would be great to have more animals with ears and tails.”

VIEW AT JOJO MAMAN BEBE | £19 (opens in new tab)

9) Fisher-Price Roarin' Rainforest Jumperoo

The Jumperoo comes in several different formats and there are versions that can be collapsed and packed away for easy storage. But the rainforest is one of our favourites because it is so bright and colourful and there is so much for your 6-month-old to enjoy.

It’s also a great way for your little one to start experiencing the world in an upright position as their upper body is supported while they can strengthen their leg muscles by having a good bounce. It means you can make yourself a quick cup of tea while they are occupied nearby.

Mum Abi wrote in an online review: “I bought this for my 6-month-old daughter and I am so pleased that I did! She absolutely loves it! It’s very sturdy and colourful, it has lights on and lots of different things for her to play with. It has three different height settings so it’ll last a long time. Highly recommend purchasing.”

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10) Skip Hop Pull and Go Monkey Submarine Bath Toy

Make bath time for your baby fun with this cute bathtime toy. This toy doesn’t just have to be used in the bathtub but will definitely make a splash before bedtime much more adventurous. There are a lot of different elements to enjoy, and at a great price.

Reviewer Trudy wrote: “We have had more than our money's worth out of this bath time toy. Our grandchild has endless fun with the little character.”

VIEW AT JOHN LEWIS | £10 (opens in new tab)

11) Bright Starts 5-in-1 Your Way Ball Play Activity Gym & Ball Pit

This gym and activity ball pit packs down into a small round case with a handle making it easy to take with you when visiting friends or relatives.

A more versatile toy you will not find - definitely one of the best toys for six-month-olds. Its flexibility makes it suitable for your 6-month-old and can be kept for years as your baby becomes a toddler. The sides can be turned up to make a ball pool your baby can sit inside while pushing balls through the canopy. Or if they are still not moving much it can be laid flat so they can explore what’s above them, or practice some tummy time.

One reviewer wrote: “We got this for our baby when she was born and she's still using it now 10 months later. Whereas all of our friends have had to put their flat baby gyms/mats away, ours is still fun for our little girl because of the ball pit option. She loves to climb in and out of it and work out how to crawl under the netting. When she was a newborn she loved the elephant with its light and music. I think she'll be using it for some time yet so I'm really glad we are getting full use out of it. Definitely worth the money.”

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12) VTech First Steps Baby Walker

Musical toys are par for the course with a baby but a Vtech baby walker is one of the best toys for six-month-olds and something they will be playing with for years. Little fingers will take great delight in pressing buttons, making sounds, turning cogs and flicking switches as the walker lights up and plays tunes or animal noises. Toys like this are great for a baby’s dexterity and developing fine motor skills.

If they are feeling a bit more adventurous they can use it to pull themselves up to test out their legs and maybe even push it around the room as they tentatively take those first steps when they get a little bit older. One happy dad reviewer wrote: “This is a great toy for babies learning to stand and walk. It is sturdy, stable and doesn't roll out from under our baby too easily. When they want to sit down and rest, there are plenty of buttons and things to play with on the front. It also folds flat so we take it with us when we stay over with family.”

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13) Wooden Shape Sorter

Sometimes the simplest toys are the best toys for 6-month-olds to discover and enjoy.

This wooden shape sorter from Jaques London is a great way to introduce lots of different shapes and colours into your baby’s life. It might not be so easy for them to find the correct holes when they are so young but it is something you and your baby can play with together. Even lifting the lid up and putting the shapes straight into the cube will be a fun game for you and your baby to play. Tipping them out will provide even more amusement.

Mum Jenny said in her review: “What a great find! Loads to choose from and such great value. This item arrived quickly and was beautifully packaged. I would highly recommend it.”

VIEW AT JACQUES LONDON | £9.99 (opens in new tab)

14) Activity Ball

There are lots of activity balls out there for babies but this one from John Lewis stood out because of all of its different features. That makes it one of the best toys for six-month-olds that we've come across.

It’s great value for money and includes lots of different shape and textures for your 6-month-old to get to grips with. It rattles, it has hoops which spin and wheels which turn, and is really colourful. This toy will happily keep your baby entertained for hours as their tiny fingers learn to move and shake the different objects on this toy.

Mum Deborah wrote in her review: “Perfect toy for my little one. She loves anything that has beads she can twizzle or flick whilst she holds the toy in her mouth. The mini rainmaker in the centre is a great added feature too. I would highly recommend this toy to another parent of a curious baby.”

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15) Fat Brain Tobbles Neo Toy

This looks more like a sculpture than something you would buy for a baby, which we think makes it even more appealing as one of the best toys for 6-month-olds to explore.

Your baby will love wobbling these soft stackable shapes. We love that they come in two tone colours and that they are an unusual shape. Your baby will enjoy exploring those wavy edges with their fingers or mouth. There is also plenty of ways to play with them as they can be spun, balanced, wiggled or rolled around. A brilliant sensory toy for you and your baby to enjoy together.

One mum called Kim wrote in an online review: “Our little one has had a lot of fun with this. It’s sturdy and durable with good, vivid colours. We liked the soft rubbery coating on the lower half of each piece. This also helped with gripping for smaller hands.”

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16) Wooden Pop-Up Toy

Your baby can enjoy their own game of peek-a-boo with this gorgeous wooden pop-up toy.

It’s bright and colourful and each little figure is on a covered spring making it fun for your 6-month-old to push up and down, or take out of its space and explore. Toys like these are great for hand and eye co-ordination and are just the right size for small hands to grip - easily one of the best toys for six month olds.

We liked this pop-up toy because it’s wooden, simple and classic. The smiling faces on each character will also make your baby smile. One reviewer wrote: “I used to run a nursery and I would say over the years, the most popular toy was this one. It still amazes me how much joy comes from such a simple toy. It's colourful, fun, silly and educational. The children can pop the people and sort them into the correct coloured slot. The people are just the right size for a toddler's hand and if they give it a little chew, being Galt, you know it's safe. The whole thing is also easily small enough to put in your baby bag to take out with you.”

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17) Chad Valley Spinning Top

A different take on the classic spinning top, this Chad Valley toy is one of the best toys for six month olds because it is enclosed within a dome, making it safe for little ones to play with. Full of bright colourful balls and a black and white contrasting base, your baby won’t be able to take their eyes off it as they push the top to make it spin. Its flat base means it can be played with on the floor, table or high chair. We think this is a perfect addition to your baby’s play time.

Mum Rachel wrote in her online review: “My 6-month-old absolutely loves this toy and it only took a few goes for her to understand how to use it. It’s been a good buy. Our daughter has now learned the cause and effect of the pressing action and has begun to do this herself.”

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18) Smart Stages Puppy

This cuddly puppy is a fun and funky toy that your baby will enjoy for hours. After all, the best toys for six month olds will keep them entertained while they learn.

And not only is this soft and squishy, but it plays lots of tunes your baby can dance and sing to when they press different parts of the dog’s body. We love this toy because it’s a way of introducing your baby to learning about the different parts of the body such as hands, feet and head, and many of the songs correlate to this. Not only is it fun, it’s educational too.

One reviewer wrote: “I bought this as a Christmas present for my 6-month-old. She loves the different sounds and songs but needs a little help to press the various buttons. There are a variety of songs and sounds, and different levels to use as babies get older. Definitely a good buy and I think we'll get many more months of use and enjoyment out of it.”

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19) Calming Clouds Mobile and Soother

You might not associate toys with a baby’s bedtime but they don’t all have to be about stimulating your 6-month-old, they can be soothing too. We love this beautiful cloud mobile as a calming addition to your baby’s cot to help them settle down for a nap or the night. With colourful raindrops, sleeping crescent moon and soft cushioned clouds lit up by a soothing nightlight and gentle sounds, this mobile has a motion sensor which means it will start automatically if your baby makes a noise. And let's face it, anything that encourages sleep has got to be one of the best toys for six-month-olds.

Mum Jayne wrote in her review: “The mobile was easy to assemble and I love the fact that it ‘grows with baby’ because they grow up so fast. The music is soothing and my little boy loved watching the shapes. Now he is nearly eight months old and we have just started using the tabletop nightlight which gives a lovely glow without lighting up too much.”

VIEW AT BOOTS | £34.99 (opens in new tab)

20) Sit & Snuggle Activity Book

A great introduction to books for your 6-month-old baby, this has soft, plump pages for babies to turn as they enjoy the different textures. Your baby can play peek-a-boo in the mirror and explore this book with their mouth as well as their fingers as they push, pull and scrunch the different pages. Unlike other fabric books, it can also be propped upright and put in front of your baby so they can take a good look at themselves during tummy time - and that feature makes this worthy of a spot in our roundup of the best toys for six month olds.

One reviewer who gave the book as a gift, wrote: “It was met with enthusiasm by my baby nephew. Each side is different and attractive - one crackle side, one with a mirror, one with a pocket, one with ribbons for animal tongues, and one with a leaf to look underneath. I would highly recommend it for a young baby.”

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 21) Fisher-Price Soothe N Snuggle Koala

This is another great bedtime toy as unlike the Fisher-Price Smart Stages Puppy, it is great for settling your little one at night. Rather than providing bright lights and excitement, your 6-month-old can cuddle into this snuggly koala while its belly lights up and rises and falls as though it is breathing. It lights up, as well as playing music and nature sounds. We haven’t found another toy as soft and comforting for a baby so young - which is why it gets our vote as one of the best toys for six-month-olds.

Reviewer Christina wrote: “I bought the koala for my daughter and have been using it since she was born. The koala is visually very beautiful and cuddly soft. It makes a wide variety of sounds and melodies, raises and lowers the stomach and can also serve as a small light at night due to the glow on its belly. The volume can be controlled well and the sound is also good. I've already bought the koala as a gift for a pregnant friend.”

VIEW AT HAMLEYS | £37.99 (opens in new tab)

22) That’s Not My Zoo collection

The 'That’s Not My' Books are a firm favourite of ours at Goodto and this zoo collection is a lovely selection. Each book tells a story about the animal while offering your 6-month-old a sensory experience at the same time. These books are simple but brilliant and loved by children from a young age. Books definitely make the grade when it comes to the best toys for six-month-olds. And these ones are safe enough to be thrown around and chewed while learning about animals and textures, from fluffy tails to bumpy ears.

One reviewer wrote: “Lots of different textures and bright colours kept my son engaged. There is also a mouse on every page to find which is great as the books grow with your child’s development. My boy enjoys sitting and sharing these books with me as well as looking at them independently. Such a great first collection.”

VIEW AT AMAZON | £24.99 (opens in new tab)

23) Under The Sea Musical Instrument Set

Your baby will love making noise with these sweet little percussion instruments. Brightly coloured and beautifully painted, these wooden instruments are a great way to introduce your little one to music. We love the under the sea theme and the use of these deepwater creatures to make rattles and castanets. They will help your baby with coordination and movement as they find their voice and discover different sounds, which makes them one of the best toys for six-month-olds.

Mum Ali said: “Just love this set but then we are fishy fans in our house. Good fun, great quality and glad I bought them.”

VIEW AT JOJO MAMAN BEBE | £16 (opens in new tab)

24) Oh My Baby Play Box

Oh My Play Box, one of the best toys for six month olds


If you are looking for something a bit different these play boxes are full of interesting sensory toys - easily some of the best toys for six-month-olds, which your baby will love discovering. At this age, your baby is developing their coordination, imagination, movement and language, and also learning about cause and effect. These play boxes contain toys including rattles, shakers, mirrors or things that can be moved around or chewed. Every play box comes with information explaining what each toy is teaching your baby while they play. You can order a different box every two months as your baby grows or order as a one-off gift