Best toys for 7 year olds in 2021

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  • Finding the best toys for seven year olds is much easier than picking out things for children to play with when they’re younger. This is because by the age of seven, children will tell you which toys take their preference and show you clearly which toys they like the best based on how much they play with them.

    However, when buying gifts for seven year olds, choosing which as the best toys for seven year olds out of the masses of products on the market can be tough.

    Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you and selected the best toys for seven year olds out there at the moment to make things much easier.

    What toys do 7 year olds play with?

    By the age of seven children have really developed their imaginations and are also seeking even more independence and freedom. Open-ended toys that allow children to create their own games and play in their own way with friends or alone are the best toys for seven year olds.

    You will also find that increasingly seven year olds do not want to play with any toys that they deem ‘baby toys‘ – or toys that they see as specifically ‘for kids’. They are growing up from being little kids to children entering Year 3 of Primary school – and they feel it!

    Norland Nanny and founder of The Nanny Louenna app, Louenna Hood says that in her experience, there are two toys that seven year olds always love, no matter what their interests are:

    • Lego is always popular at this age – following simple instructions to build their creations takes time and patience, and is a huge achievement once completed.
    • An art box stocked with paint, glue, paper and stickers is always popular and provides endless entertainment.
    Girl drawing at desk

    Experts say that a well-stocked art box is essential for seven-year-olds to keep them entertained.

    Children of this age may also start to get excited about reading, show an interest in playing team sports, or develop new interests and hobbies. Toys, books and games that encourage and foster these things are also popular with seven-year-olds.

    What skills should 7 year olds have?

    By the age of seven children will be getting to grips with numbers and might be able to do some addition and subtraction, and even basic multiplication.

    They will also usually be quite confident readers by this age, having started junior school three years ago and be heading into Primary school Year Three.

    However, it’s not just all about the academic skills your seven year old is mastering. By this age they are learning a range of important life skills too.

    A recent nationwide study of parents revealed a list of life lessons that every parent wants to teach their child and skills such as how to share, be a good loser, stay safe online, respect other cultures and always tell the truth came out on top.

    Seven year old boy dressed up in cape in kitchen

    The research also found that 65 percent of parents agree that teaching their kids practical life lessons is just as important as academic subjects, and three in 10 parents have taught their kids new skills like cooking, baking and gardening for the first time during lockdown.

    Buying toys for seven year olds that encourage these practical skills, such as how to ride a bike and how to bake, are equally as important as encouraging them to read, write and practice their numeracy skills outside of school.