20 of the best personalised books for children 2022

Personalised books for kids compilation
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The best personalised books for children are sure to take pride of place on your little one's bookshelf.

Reading is an important skill for kids. It helps them to grasp language, spelling and grammar, and develop their imagination - as they travel into different worlds. Check out our curated edit of stories to inspire kid's reading with these fabulous personalised books for children - they make the best keepsake too.

Little humans will be delighted to play a part in these bold adventures, with many options allowing you to create characters that look just like them. Then there's the tales filled with magical kids book quotes (opens in new tab). Plus special books that see them star alongside favourite characters like Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol and Paddington Bear, which will have them hooked. With stories to suit babies, toddlers, kids and pre-teens you'll find a gift that's the right fit.

20 of the best personalised books for children

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1. Personalised Disney Princess Ultimate Collection Book - View at Prezzy Box (opens in new tab)

RRP: £30 | Delivery: £3.75, 2-5 working days| Age: 2 years+

As personalised books for kids go this is the ultimate. A beautiful hardbook book to carry your little one through the years, one Princess tale at at time.

This set has the best known Disney Princess tales, such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and The Little Mermaid. You can personalise this book by adding a name of your choice, which will appear on the cover as 'Created Especially For Name'. A personal message of your choice can also be added to appear on the first page of the book making this a special keepsake.

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2. Personalised Paddington Bear Story Book - View at Not On The High Street (opens in new tab)

RRP: £39.95 | Delivery: Free, 3-5 working days| Age: 0-5 years

Paddington fans – well, that's all of us  – will adore this Personalised Paddington Bear Story Book. The iconic, marmalade-loving bear is the star of two charming tales: Paddington and Paddington in the garden. Featuring original, heartwarming stories by Michael Bond, it’s perfect to read to little ones, or to help early readers with word recognition.

The book features the child’s name on the cover, on the top of each page, and at the front of the book, where it’s combined with a message from the sender. As one 5-star reviewer commented: "Lovely book, bought as a christening gift, came in a nice presentation box". Indeed the beautiful foil-embossed gift box sure helps make it an adorable gift to treasure for years to come.

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3. Personalised Peekaboo, I love you! - View at Wonderbly (opens in new tab)

RRP: £27.99 | Delivery: £3.75, 3-5 working days| Age: 0-3 years

This personalised playful peekaboo book is perfect for your tiny hide and seek partner. Watch their faces light up as they spot themselves in the charming illustrations. One 5-star reviewer said: "Our daughter loves playing peekaboo, and Wonderbly books are her favourite because she's in the pictures."

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4. Personalised 10 Little Yous - View at Wonderbly (opens in new tab)

RRP: £27.99 | Delivery: £3.75, 3-5 working days| Age: 0-3 years

Introduce and reinforce counting with children in this top educational toy for kids (opens in new tab). 10 Little Yous features a little ‘you’ in various scenarios, such as playing with dinosaurs to digging for treasure. Help them spot and count each version of themselves in the picture, and read the simple rhyme that takes them on a journey from 1 to 10. One mum gave this a 5-star rating, noting it as a "lovely learning resource & keepsake for kids".

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5. From A for Aliya to Z for Zachary, ABC for You - View at Wonderbly (opens in new tab)

RRP: £27.99 | Delivery: £3.75, 3-5 working days| Age: 2-4 years

From A for Aliya to Z for Zachary, ABC for You is a fun way to start your child learning letters. It's full of positive messages and lively illustrations, such as the delightful piano-playing octopus. Choose your child’s name and character from six avatars. Then watch their eyes light up as they appear on every page. It's sure to make learning more meaningful, mum-of-one Bex tells us; "My little one can recognise her name which made it much easier to engage her when reading and learning her letters.”

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6. Peppa Pig: Big Adventure Personalised Book - View at Not On The High Street (opens in new tab)

RRP: £24.99 | Delivery: £3.75, 3-5 working days| Age: 2-5 years

Learning is much more fun when one of your favourite characters lends a helping hand. Peppa Pig: Big Adventure Personalised Book is a 34-page story in which Peppa and little bro George go on a scavenger hunt. Each spread features a letter in the child’s name as a clue in the hunt, so this is a great way to help early learners spell their own name. As the piggy duo solve the hunt, the child’s character (personalised by hair type, eye colour, etc) and name appears in the book. Their name is also on the cover, plus there’s the option to upgrade to hardback. "Bought for my 3-year old niece and she loved it,"  aunty to two, Louise tells us.

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7. Personalised nursery rhymes - View at Wonderbly (opens in new tab)

RRP: £27.99 | Delivery: £3.75, 3-5 working days| Age: 0-3 years

A personalised kids books go, what kid hasn't wanted to star in a classic fairytale? This book allows you to add your child's name and look-a-like character into the tale, appearing almost 100 times throughout the pages. Expect all the usual favourites like Humpty Dumpty and the three little pigs all beautifully illustrated in this 4.9 star rated hardbound book. “My daughter loves finding her name in the rhymes,” mum-of-two, Kiran tells us.

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8. Personalised Unicorn adventure book - View at Not On The High Street (opens in new tab)

RRP: £23 | Delivery: Free, 3-5 working days| Age: N3-8 years

Kids adore rhyming books, and this one makes for a perfect keepsake too. Boys and girls both love the magic of unicorns, and this book comes personalised not only to names but you can also choose boy or girl, and from three skin tones and five hair colours. The story teaches very important lessons about making friends, respecting the earth, being adventurous, loving their family, overcoming fears, learning new things, finding happiness and believing in themselves.

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9. Paw Patrol: Adventures With Daddy Personalised Book - View at Not On The High Street (opens in new tab)

RRP: £24.99 | Delivery: £3.75, 3-5 working days| Age: 3-5 years

Put your child and their dad at the centre of an adventure alongside a plucky band of search-and-rescue dogs. Paw Patrol: Adventures with Daddy is a 24-page story features an avatar of the child and his pop that you can customise by hairstyle, eye colour, skin tone and clothing colours. it's sure to shake up story time.  "My son is OBSESSED with Paw Patrol and loves reading this before bed at least three times."

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10. Star in Your Own Story: Drives a Digger - View at Amazon (opens in new tab)

RRP: £9.59 | Delivery: Free, next day | Age: 3-6 years

As personalised kids books go this is a winner. Add your child's name to this personalised kids book about driving a digger. The story is centered around a day on construction site, where the driver of the digger (whoever you chose that be) finds something in the ground. But, what could it be?  With a 4.5 star on Amazon rating, you can expect quality and good service with this special product.

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11. Personalised Wish Children's Books - View at Etsy (opens in new tab)

RRP: £23 | Delivery: £3.75, 5-10 working days| Age: 0-5 years

As personalised books for kids go this has a pretty sweet message. A lovely story lets the little person in your life know all your wishes for their future - making friends, respecting the earth, being adventurous, loving their family, overcoming fears, learning new things, finding happiness and believing in themselves... with a little help from a sprinkling of magic. Personalise by way of name, skin and hair colour and gender. 

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12. A Tale of Two - View at Librio (opens in new tab)

RRP: £24.99 | Delivery: 4-7 days | Age: 4-7 ears

Got an inseparable pair? Then A Tale of Two will delight both. You can personalise each child's appearance, including clothes and glasses, in this 36-page game of hide and seek. The adventure begins in a library, where there's a world of books. As they travel from tale to tale, they'll enjoy meeting storybook favourites, such as dinosaurs and unicorns. And familiar characters like Mowgli and Heidi will join in the fun too. Reviewers were full of praise for this particular book, with one commenting: "Brilliant concept! The book was well received. It is such a novel idea, educational and beautifully illustrated."

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13. Remarkable Rebels - View at Wonderbly (opens in new tab)

RRP: £27.99 | Delivery: £3.75, 3-5 working days| Age: 6-10 years

After a diverse fairy tale book (opens in new tab) to inspire the next generation? Well look no further than this fabulous personalised 'remarkable rebels' book that adds your youngster right into the pages of the story. Featuring influential figures like Martin Luther King, Florence Nightingale and Malala Yousafzai - the hardest part you'll find is choosing which three to take your kid on their storybook adventure. One of the best personalised books for children, it's received fantastic reviews. One buyer stated online: “All kids need this book! Our children will be the ones that continue the fight for change.”

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14. Personalised Book just of You - View at Not On The High Street (opens in new tab)

RRP: £39.95 | Delivery: Free,10 - 12 working days| Age: 8 years+

A quality keepsake, The Book About You is something to mark a special occasion, such as going to big school or graduating. The cover is simple and stylish with metallic personalisation. Inside, you’ll find 60 pages about the year and decade you were born. It includes details like the most popular film, greatest invention, newspaper headlines and fun, quirky facts. All beautifully designed, it’s a gift to treasure.

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15. Personalised Special Year Flavoured Gin With Music - View at Wonderbly (opens in new tab)

RRP: £27.99 | Delivery: £3.75, 3-5 working days| Age: 5-12 years

My Golden Ticket puts your child centre stage in Willy Wonka’s famous factory. It's recommended for ages 5-12, but fans of any age will love this immersive adventure that's packed with brilliant Roald Dahl quotes (opens in new tab). They'll be taken through a mouth-watering landscape with an oompa-loompa guide. And they'll be thrilled to see sweets emblazoned with their name on too. The website also allows buyers to preview every page, showing the personalisation. Plus, the book’s 38 pages are packed with inventive illustrations and typography that will entice even reluctant readers. Funny and fantastical, it reflects the tone and humour of the Roald Dahl original, as one customer agrees: “I always loved Charlie and the chocolate factory as a kid and I think this book and its personalisation is brilliant!”

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16. Personalised The Power Within - View at Wonderbly (opens in new tab)

RRP: £27.95 | Delivery: £3.75, 3-5 working days| Age: 6 years+

What kid hasn't dreamed about being a superhero? This adventure story allows you to choose a child’s strength, and transform it into a superpower, promising an epic, personalised adventure where they get to be the hero (and save an entire city!). It's made our round up of the best personalised books for children thanks to the many 5 star reviews it's received. One happy parent  it's a "great book for slightly older kids, whilst bringing validity to their trait, no matter how un-superherolike they may feel!"

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17. Personalised Promises To You Book - View at Prezzybox (opens in new tab)

RRP: £25 | Delivery: £3.75, 3-5 working days| Age: 6 months+

This book is a beautiful reminder for that parents promise internally but sometimes never say out loud. Like 'I promise to always have time for you' and to 'always listen', saying these words out loud to your little one will cement this important messaging for them as they grow. A great book, one to keep through the years.

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18. 'The Day You Were Born' Personalised New Baby Book - View at Not On The High Street (opens in new tab)

RRP: £22.95 | Delivery: Free, 3-5 working days| Age: 2-5 years

This book is made to order and a creative way to store all the facts about the birth of your little one. They'll love hearing the story of how they arrived in the world and what was happening on that day. Made in Britain this book is eco-friendly and comes with free delivery.

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19. Personalised Sweet Dreams - View at Etsy (opens in new tab)

RRP: £23 | Delivery: £3.75, 7-10 working days| Age: No

As personalised kids books go, this is 24 pages of just the sweetest story, where the goodnight  moon sings all the woodland creatures to sleep. Personalised with name, gender, hair and skin colour.

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20. Personalised birthday interview book - View at Not On The High Street (opens in new tab)

RRP: £9.75 | Delivery: £3.75, 5-10 working days| Age: 3+

As personlised kids  books go this has a twist, as your little one provides the story. Each year you ask them the questions in this book, note it all down then gift it when ythey're older to read through and reminisce about the time they really wanted to be a marmite-eating, tiara-wearing space cowboy.

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