These are the 8 inspirational women being honoured with their own Barbie in 2024 (but here's why you won't be able to to buy them)

These incredible women are all being honoured with their own Barbie likeness this year, but sadly they won't be available to buy. Luckily we've found six other real-life trailblazers whose Barbie form you can buy instead

Dame Helen Mirren is one of eight women getting their own Barbie in 2024
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In honour of Barbie's 65th anniversary year, and ahead of International Women's Day, eight amazing women will be recognised for their achievements with their very own Barbie doll.

Barbie is one of the best-selling toys of all time, after first being introduced in 1959, selling a whopping 10 million worldwide in a three year period in the 1990s. Since her debut, there have been multiple iterations of Barbie, including a Barbie with Down's Syndrome, introduced as part of the brands inclusive Fashionistas range.

The doll has seen a resurgence of popularity thanks to the hugely well-received and Oscar-nominated movie, and rumours of a Barbie sequel. And one of the movie's stars is amongst the group of women being honoured with a Barbie made in their own likeness. Yep, Dame Helen Mirren, the Barbie movie's narrator, is getting her own Barbie, the likeness of which is based on one of the actress's favourite red carpet looks. Speaking of the honour, Dame Helen Mirren says: "It's a very special thing and something I can add to my list of my favourite achievements - becoming a Dame of the British Empire, having an Oscar, having a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and having my own Barbie."

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The other women being honoured with their own Barbie as part of the Barbie Role Models initaitive include; actress and producer Viola Davis, singers Kylie Minogue and Shania Twain, comedian and activist Enissa Amani, director, producer and screenwriter Lila Aviles, model Nicole Fujita, and content creator Maira Gomez. Barbie Role Models honours those from diverse backgrounds and fields who are breaking boundaries to inspire the next generation of girls. Previous Barbie Role Models include: Shonda Rimes, the name behind TV shows including Grey's Anatomy, How to Get Away With Murder and Bridgerton, make up artist and brand founder Pat McGrath, COVID vaccine developer Professor Sarah Gilbert and Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti.

Can you buy Barbie Role Models?

Unfortunately, Barbie Role Model dolls are not available to purchase, even on a limited edition run. They are one of a kind and gifted to the person whose likeness they represent. However, by celebrating role models from a broad range of backgrounds and disciplines, Barbie builds on its ethos, saying 'Imagining she can be anything is just the beginning. Actually seeing she can makes all the difference.'

While you can't buy the specific role model dolls, you can buy Barbies that are based on other inspiring women, who were trailblazers throughout history.

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