Curious about Tonies? Save up to 15% on these Tonies starter bundles, including Paw Patrol, Disney and The Gruffalo

Want to get on the Tonies train? Now's the perfect time, with these starter bundle offers

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With five million Tonieboxes and 58 million Tonies sold between 2016 and 2022, there's no denying the appeal of these audio devices. And if you are keen to jump on the bandwagon, then now could be the time, as we've found three brilliant Tonie starter bundles with up to 15% off.

If you're fresh to the world of Tonies, here's a quick lowdown. Tonieboxes are screen-free and wireless audio devices suitable and simple enough for kids of all ages to use. They help to encourage children to play and learn independently and can foster language skills too, especially when used from an early age - check out our picks of the best Tonies for preschoolers. To play character-themed stories and songs, you'll need Tonies, which are hand-painted magnetic characters that sit on top of the Toniebox. There are more than 700 Tonies in the collection, including fan favourites from Peppa Pig, The Gruffalo and the worlds of Roald Dahl and Disney.

Before buying, you might want to weigh up Yoto versus Tonies to see which audio box is right for you and your child. But if you settle on Tonies, then make sure you snap up one of these starter bundles while they are discounted to maximise value for money.

Is a Toniebox bundle good value for money?

When you consider that the Toniebox (which comes with the creative Tonie as standard) is £79.95, and each Tonie character is roughly £15, then it's only cost-effective to buy a bundle when it's discounted, rather than paying the RRP, which is effectively the same as buying the items individually.

If you want to create your own bundle, then you can head to the Tonies website and use their Bundler tool. You can choose the colour of your Toniebox, and then pick a bundle to include either three, five or seven Tonies.

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