18 toys for £10 or less, including Amazon's #1 bestselling toy, and the most popular toy of 2023

Looking for a toy under £10? We've found 18 excellent gift ideas, including Squishmallows, Hot Wheels, Orchard Toys and more

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Knowing how to find brilliant toys for under £10 is a skill that all parents (scrap that, all adults) should have, and here's why.

Being a parent is expensive, even more so when birthdays and Christmas roll around, and this year's top toys don't come cheap. The costs soon tot up when you have more kids. The costs rise further when your child starts school and gets invited to the birthday parties of their 30 classmates where they want to take a pressie for their friend.

It's a similar story for those with nieces, nephews, Godchildren, and a myriad of other children in their life - when it comes to present giving, you quite often need something that the kids are going to love, but isn't so expensive that it either breaks the bank or annoys the child's parents. GoodtoKnow's Family Editor Stephanie Lowe knows this situation all to well: "My son still has 'class parties' so that's 28 presents I have to buy this year alone so £10 per child is my absolute limit. I'm really anti-tat so spending £10 on something that's actually loved and worth-it is a must."

That's why we've come up with this list of toys suitable for a range of ages and interests, that all come in at less than £10. We've chosen toys based on our extensive product knowledge, our real-life experience or that of children we know and love, those that have the best customer ratings and reviews, and those that are bestsellers. For a wider choice of toys, check out out toy collections that cover everything from the best toys for 6-12 month olds to the best toys for 10 year olds.

18 toys under £10 that make perfect gifts

How we chose these toys under £10

To curate this list of the best toys under £10, we used our in-depth product knowledge and expertise as well as personal experience to list the toys we really rate. Many of the toys on this list appear in other toys collections that can be found here at GoodtoKnow. We also looked at customer ratings on the retailer's websites, as well as which toys topped the bestsellers and most popular lists, as well as those that are trending right now.

Prices were correct at the time of writing with all toys available for £10 or less.

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