Believe it or not, this little boy just got THE BEST NEWS

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  • Disneyland: probably top of most children’s list when it comes to where they would like to be right now.

    And for those families lucky enough to be paying a visit, more and more parents are dreaming up magical ways to let their kids know where they’re going.

    However, when Sean’s parents broke the oh-so-exciting news to him, we’re pretty sure they weren’t expecting THIS reaction…

    Rather than the usual screams of excitement, this little guy just can’t contain his tears – and that hug he gives his mum! So sweet.

    (We also love how totally unimpressed his little sister is – what a cool customer! Although we bet she was a little more excited when she saw Mickey… )

    Got some little ones to surprise yourself?

    We’ve rounded up the very best ways we’ve found to tell little ones that their off to Mickey and Minnie’s magical kingdom. Some parents have kept it a surprise right up until the last minute, some use clues and others get the kids to solve puzzles, but there’s one thing all of these revelations have in common – they’re ridiculously cute – and the reactions are absolutely priceless!

    If you’re planning on treating your brood to a trip to the magic castle, then take note and reveal the news one of these ways……

    Tell them live on national TV (if you’ve got the right kind of connections)

    Tell them with clues

    Map it out

    Say it with biscuits

    Throw them a treasure hunt

    Write them a message

    Or Peter Pan

    Make a fun flip book

    Play a trick on them (to make the surprise even better!)

    Make a clue-filled play list

    Or maybe don’t tell them at all…


    Ask the Disney gang to give your kids a call…

    And finally, get one of their friends to tell them. We’re sorry if this makes you want to cry…

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