What Princess Charlotte and the new royal baby could already have in common

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  • Princess Charlotte and her little brother or sister might already have more in common than you think when the little tot arrives.

    Ever since the news of Kate Middleton’s third pregnancy was announced, the rumour mill has been in overdrive with many royal watchers trying to guess the gender of Prince George and Princess Charlotte‘s sibling.

    While we still don’t know if Will and Kate will be welcoming a boy or a girl – and it’s likely that we won’t find out until the baby arrives next April – an astrologer has weighed in and said that the third royal baby will have an even more special bond with sister Charlotte because they’ll share the same sign.

    Discussing the official due date announced by Kensington Palace with InStyle, astrologer Susan Miller said April is an ‘ideal’ month for the baby to arrive.

    The family of four will welcome another royal baby next year

    ‘April is a very significant month for the royal family. William and Kate got married in April, and the Queen’s birthday is also that month, so it’s an ideal time for the new baby to be born’, she told the publication.

    Trying to make the vague due date of April more specific, Susan predicts Kate’s third child will be born in late April, between 20th and 30th.

    Princess Charlotte and her little sister and brother will probbaly share the sign

    Explaining her prediction, she said: ‘The entire royal family are all either earth or water signs, so this child will also follow suit as a Taurus.

    ‘Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday is April 21 and Princess Charlotte’s is May 2, so all three will share the same sign – and a special bond because of it.’

    As well as being the same sign as his or her sister, the new addition to the Cambridge clan will also share the sign as their grandmother, the Queen, which Susan says will give him or her the same leadership qualities as the long standing monarch.

    ‘Taurus is a sign that rules money and land, so this child will feel a great responsibility to the royal family’, Susan said.

    ‘The baby will be practical, trustworthy, and a great negotiator, but they’ll also be born with Uranus in Aries, meaning they’ll have a creative, entrepreneurial spirit.’

    The astrologer also tried to guess the gender of the royal baby, while admitting that it’s simply a hunch.

    ‘I don’t claim to be a psychic, but for some reason, I think it’s going to be a girl.’