Goodbye carbs, hello gin! The Queen’s daily diet REVEALED

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  • What do you eat when you’re one of the most famous and powerful women in the world and have chefs that can whip up whatever you want? Turns out the Queen’s diet is just as lavish as you might expect!

    Finding out what celebs eat and drink every day is a weird obsession for most of us, and it’s no different when it comes to the Queen.

    But thanks to a former chef in the royal kitchens, Darren McGrady, we can finally satisfy our curiosity.

    Speaking to the Daily Mail, Darren said that Queen Elizabeth is not a foodie, unlike her husband, Prince Phillip.

    ‘She eats to live, unlike Prince Philip who loves to eat and would stand and talk food all day.’

    So what does HRM choose to eat and drink every day? And what foods does she avoid at all costs? We reveal all!

    Foods the Queen likes to eat


    According to BT, the Queen likes to start her day with tea and biscuits. The beverage of choice is a freshly brewed Earl Grey, with no milk or sugar, from a bone china cup.

    After her first nibble of the day, she moves on to proper breakfast. This usually involves cereal and fresh fruit such as home grown peaches. According to The Telegraph, Kellogg’s Special K is the brand of choice.

    The Queen also likes her cereal to be served from Tupperware, as she believes this keeps it fresh – she might be on to something…

    Her Highness is also said to be a fan of scrambled eggs with truffle oil, according to Darren, who was her personal chef for 11 years.

    However, our Queen is a sensible lady when it comes to spending her pounds, and only had truffles when they were sent to her as a gift.

    ‘The Queen loved scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and a grating of truffle. But she was too frugal to ever order fresh truffles and only really enjoyed them at Christmas when the truffles were sent as a gift.’


    This is when things start to get a bit more royal. Before having her lunch, the Queen treats herself to a drink (it’s five o’clock somewhere) – usually gin or Dubonnet, a sweet wine-based aperitif.

    But even though she indulges in a tipple pre-lunch, she is very disciplined when it comes to her food.

    She opts for simple meals like grilled chicken with salad or ‘Dover sole on a bed of wilted spinach or with courgettes’.

    During lunch is also when she has her second drink of the day, accompanying her meal with a glass of wine, and perhaps a dry gin martini according to her cousin, Margaret Rhodes, the Queen’s cousin.

    Afternoon tea

    Yes, it’s just like we imagined. The Queen has afternoon tea, every single day.

    According to Darren, at least two varieties of sandwiches must be on offer in the spread, like cucumber, smoked salmon or egg mayonnaise. The crusts are off, of course.

    Her favourite cakes are apparently a honey and cream sponge and the same chocolate biscuit cake that William and Kate had at their wedding reception.

    The Queen’s tea of choice is an Earl Grey again, and she also has jam pennies, tiny raspberry jam sandwiches cut into small circles.

    It turns out her Majesty is not the only one getting afternoon treats – the Queen’s corgis also get a little something.

    ‘She didn’t always eat everything’, the chef said. ‘She’d maybe have one or two tiny sandwiches, and sometimes the scones she’d actually just crumble on the carpet for the dogs to eat.’

    The Queen’s corgis also get an afternoon tea treat


    For dinner, the Queen is said to like fillets of beef or venison, pheasant, or salmon that come from farms in Sandringham.

    Darren also says she ‘loves a Sunday roast’ or ‘Gaelic steak served with a sauce of mushroom, cream and whisky’.

    Queen Elizabeth is apparently also a big fan of all things chocolate. For dessert, the treats of choice are usually chocolate mousse or a traditional chocolate ganache sponge cake.

    According to the Independent, the Queen likes to finish off her day with a glass of Champagne in the evenings. Don’t we all?

    Foods the Queen doesn’t like to eat

    We’ve established that the Queen knows how to enjoy the finer things in life, from gin to afternoon tea. But, what kind of foods is HRH not a fan of? Spoiler alert, carbs fans (that’s all of us) – this will break your heart.

    According to Darren, there’s three main foods that the Queen prefers not to eat, and shockingly some of them are the nation’s most loved!


    Darren revealed to The Mirror that despite carbs being the downfall of many a diet for us mere mortals, the Queen stays well clear of them.

    Apparently, starchy foods in general are a big no-no for our Liz and Darren never served her pasta in his time there. However, there are times when her royal duties expect her to go above and beyond, meaning that at state dinners she does waver this rule and will eat starchy food if it is served.


    Also on the list of unapproved foods is another delicious carb dish, potato. For our dainty ruler these carb-heavy vegetables prove too much to handle and are left off her plate, especially for evening meals.

    ‘When she dines on her own, she’s very disciplined. No starch is the rule’, the former royal chef said.


    It’s garlic that is possibly the biggest offender when it comes to ingredients that the Queen isn’t a fan of. According to Darren, her kitchen staff would ‘never’ serve her food seasoned with garlic or too many onions.

    Darren said, ‘We can never serve anything with garlic or too many onions. We also couldn’t serve meat that was rare, as she liked her meat more well done.’

    Well, now we know what we definitely won’t be cooking up if the Queen ever pops round for dinner!