33 afternoon tea ideas and recipes

These afternoon tea ideas are easy to make at home…
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  • We’ve got plenty of inspiring afternoon tea ideas for you to select from including cupcakes, classic scones, and sandwiches too.

    Our afternoon tea ideas range from easy recipes for beginners to intricate bakes for those that have more time – from a lemon drizzle cake to cherry Bakewells, banana bread, and delicate strawberry macarons.

    Afternoon tea is a British tradition that dates back to the early 1840s. Traditional afternoon tea composed of sandwiches (usually finger sandwiches) scones served with clotted cream and jam and a selection of sweet pastries and cakes to finish. All of which is served with a pot or two of tea.

    Afternoon tea ideas: Sandwiches

    Afternoon tea ideas

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    Try dainty sandwich recipes for afternoon tea, including smoked salmon and coronation chicken fillings. Sandwiches are a great choice of savoury food to serve for afternoon tea. They’re cheap, quick and easy to rustle up in bulk.

    How to serve for afternoon tea: Cut your sandwiches into elegant, rectangular or triangle-shaped slices, garnished with fresh herbs.

    Coronation chicken
    Smoked salmon and avocado sandwiches
    Tuna mayo sandwich
    Sandwich filling ideas

    Afternoon tea ideas: Tarts

    Credit: TI Media

    Tarts are easy to make and make a great afternoon tea choice. Opt for classics such as Bakewell tarts, custard tarts or mini raspberry and frangipane slices.

    How to serve for afternoon tea: Don’t forget a jug of cream, homemade custard or fruit as an accompaniment.

    Cherry Bakewells
    Custard tarts
    Mini raspberry and frangipane tarts
    Plum custard slice

    Afternoon tea ideas: Brownies

    Afternoon tea ideas

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    Gooey and rich, brownies are an easy crowdpleaser – especially served warm with a generous spoonful of clotted cream.

    How to serve for afternoon tea: Just before your brownie traybake begins to cool, cut your brownies into squares or bite-sized pieces.

    Peanut butter brownies
    Classic chocolate brownie recipe
    Gluten-free chocolate brownies
    White chocolate chip brownies

    Afternoon tea ideas: Whoopie pies

    Afternoon tea ideas

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    Whoopie pies are made with a soft, cookie-like dough and have been popular in America for many years now. They are perfect for afternoon tea as they can be eaten in just a couple of bites making them a great finger food option.

    How to serve for afternoon tea: Experiment with different fillings and ask your guests to guess the flavours.

    Red velvet whoopie pies
    Whoopie pies
    Raspberry whoopie pies

    Afternoon tea ideas: Lemon drizzle cake

    Afternoon tea ideas

    A lemon drizzle cake makes the perfect option for afternoon tea as it’s light and airy with a zesty flavour. Pair with herbal tea to really enhance the flavour of the lemon.

    How to serve for afternoon tea: Cut your lemon drizzle into slices and pop onto a tiered cake stand or large plate so that everyone can serve themselves. There won’t be any left.

    Mary Berry’s lemon drizzle cake
    Elderflower and lemon drizzle cake
    Low-calorie lemon drizzle cake
    Mini lemon drizzle cakes

    Afternoon tea ideas: Fruit scones

    No afternoon tea would be complete without scones. In our exclusive video, executive pastry chef at The Langham Hotel Andrew Gravett, shows you how to make the perfect fruit scones. “Make sure the butter is very cold, straight from the fridge”, says Andrew, who also advises working the mixture thoroughly to ensure a greater build-up of gluten for the traditional scone shape. “If we don’t work the scone enough, the texture and flavour will be nice but we won’t have such a straight-sided scone, it’ll be slightly fat on the bottom.”

    How to serve for afternoon tea: Scones will look impressive perched on a tiered cake stand. Or you could go for the more rustic approach and serve them in a basket. Little pots for the cream and jam and some teaspoons will make your table look fancy.

    Paul Hollywood’s scones
    Fruit scones
    Gluten-free scones

    The extras:
    Homemade raspberry jam
    Homemade strawberry jam
    Homemade marmalade

    Afternoon tea ideas: Florentines

    Florentines are a great idea for an afternoon tea

    Florentines are made with almonds and often covered in chocolate. Our traditional recipe makes 16 which is ideal if you’re catering for a large number of people. These speedy sweet treats can be ready in just 20 minutes.

    How to serve for afternoon tea: Pile florentines high in a basket or tin lined with white baking paper. You go one step further and turn your florentines into little presents and pop them in a gift box for each guest.


    Afternoon tea ideas: Sausage rolls

    Sausage rolls for an afternoon tea

    Alamy Stock Photo

    Whether you opt to serve them in one or slice them into minis, sausage rolls are a great savoury option. They make a filling replacement for sandwiches.

    How to serve for afternoon tea: Cut into bite-sized pieces and present alongside the sandwiches as another delicious savoury option.

    How to make sausage rolls
    Vegetarian sausage rolls
    Honey and mustard sausage rolls
    Twisty sausage rolls

    Afternoon tea ideas: Cupcakes

    Afternoon tea ideas

    Credit: Getty

    Cupcakes mean individual cakes for your guests so everyone is guaranteed to have at least one cake and they’ll be no squabbles. Try cupcake recipes with fondant figures or swirls of piped buttercream to keep it simple, yet impressive.

    How to serve for afternoon tea: A tiered cupcake holder or cake stand will help you create a tower of cupcake.

    Basic cupcakes
    Tea party cupcakes
    Low-fat cupcakes
    Apple crumble cupcakes
    Lavender and honey cupcakes

    Afternoon tea ideas: Biscotti

    Afternoon tea ideas

    Credit: Getty

    Biscotti, meaning biscuits in Italian, are perfect for dunking into tea once, twice or even three times without breaking into your cup. These brittle biscuits have a rich almond flavour and soften easily when dunked.

    How to serve for afternoon tea: Serve biscotti with tea or coffee for dipping.

    Apricot and cranberry Biscotti
    Classic Biscotti
    Cherry and pistachio Biscotti

    Afternoon tea ideas: Victoria Sponge

    Victoria sponge

    Victoria sponge cake makes the perfect centrepiece, sandwiched together with fresh cream and jam.

    How to serve for afternoon tea: A large glass cake stand sitting in the middle of your table would do this cake justice. Serve with a cake knife, small forks and napkins, for those messy eaters.

    Mary Berry’s Victoria sponge
    Mini Victoria sponges

    Afternoon tea ideas: Éclairs

    Afternoon tea ideas

    Credit: Getty

    Chocolate éclairs have a soft, light pastry with a rich chocolate topping and creamy filling. Traditional served at afternoon tea, eclairs are a delicate pastry to enjoy after the sandwiches.

    How to serve for afternoon tea: You could play around with the sizes of your éclairs and make little bite-sized ones so they’re easier to eat.

    Chocolate éclairs
    Double chocolate éclairs

    Afternoon tea ideas: Banana bread

    Afternoon tea ideas

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    Another delicious afternoon tea idea, a banana bake. Pick a banana cake recipe or a banana bread recipe as a great way to use up ripe bananas.

    How to serve for afternoon tea: Slice your banana bread or cake into pieces and serve on a tiered cake stand. You could also pop them into cupcake cases to make them look prettier.

    Banana bread
    Banana cake
    Banana and walnut cake
    Banana sandwich cake

    phil vickery carrot cake

    Carrot cake has a thick, cream cheese frosting and a lightly spiced sponge. Make in advance as it keeps well in a cake tin or wrapped in tin foil and add the frosting just before serving.

    How to serve for afternoon tea: Cut into slices or squares and place onto a tiered cake stand with a variety of other mini bakes.

    Classic carrot cake
    Carrot and raisin loaf
    Carrot and pineapple cake
    Phil Vickery’s carrot cake (pictured)

    Afternoon tea ideas: Muffins

    Chocolate muffins

    Muffin recipes to bake at home, including raspberry and white chocolate muffins. Or experiment with a savoury muffin option, alongside sandwiches.

    How to serve for afternoon tea: How cute would a basket of muffins look in the centre of the table?

    Chocolate muffins
    Raspberry muffins
    Blueberry muffins
    Banana and chocolate chip muffins

    Afternoon tea ideas: Chelsea buns

    Chelsea buns

    Our classic Chelsea buns recipe is so simple to make at home. They’re a bit fiddly but well worth the effort. These currant-filled Chelsea buns make a lovely tea-time treat so perfect for an afternoon tea.

    How to serve for afternoon tea: Drizzle with some delicious royal icing and then stack on a round cake tower so they can be admired from all angles.

    Chocolate Chelsea buns
    Hairy Bikers’ chocolate and cherry buns

    Afternoon tea ideas: Shortbread

    Tea and biscuits go hand in hand, that’s why we think a shortbread recipe should be top of the list. Sprinkle with sugar and watch them disappear off the plate in seconds.

    How to serve for afternoon tea: Layer the in a tin lined with white baking paper, so you can keep them fresh throughout the afternoon.

    Scottish Shortbread
    Lemon curd shortbread
    Mini Egg millionaire shortbread
    Millionaire’s shortbread

    Afternoon tea ideas: Battenburg cake

    Battenburg cake is a very impressive bake that is well worth the effort. The marzipan outer layer will keep the cake fresh for a few days so you can make it in advance.

    How to serve for afternoon tea: The best way to serve this sweet treat is by slicing it to reveal its pattern. Place individual slices on little plates or beside your cup of tea on saucers ready for your guests.

    Classic Battenburg cake
    Chocolate orange Battenburg cake

    Afternoon tea ideas: Macaroon

    macaroon are a great idea for an afternoon tea

    Alamy Stock Photo

    Simple macaroons are made with egg whites and ground almonds to make them as light as air. Experiment with colours, flavours and fillings too.

    How to serve for afternoon tea: Macaroons are delicate little things so handle with care so they don’t get crushed.

    Strawberry macaroons
    Basic macaroons
    Chocolate macaroons
    Tiramisu macaroons

    Afternoon tea ideas: Cheese scones

    Afternoon tea ideas

    Swap classic scones for cheese scones instead to make your afternoon tea spread more savoury less sweet.

    How to serve for afternoon tea: Serve simply with butter or opt for filling such as cream cheese, smoked salmon, sliced cucumber, or shredded chicken.

    Cheese and sweet chilli scones
    Watercress cheese scones
    Classic cheese scones

    Afternoon tea ideas: Fairy cake

    Fairy cakes are a great idea for an afternoon tea


    Fairy cakes are easy to make and make a retro treat popular with kids and grown ups. They are smaller versions of cupcakes so are dainty enough to have as part of your afternoon tea spread.

    How to serve for afternoon tea: Fairy cakes are so easy to personalise with individual decorations or perhaps an initial for each guest.

    Mary Berry iced fairy cakes
    Chocolate topped fairy cakes
    Lemon fairy cakes (pictured)
    Walnut butterfly buns

    Afternoon tea ideas: Cookies

    Vanilla cookies

    Jenny Dettrick/Getty

    Chocolate chip cookies are a great option for kids, as you can make them as big or small as you like. They’re a handy afternoon tea idea as you can make them in advance too.

    How to serve for afternoon tea: Pile cookies high in a tin or Kilner jar, or go one step further and turn your cookies into little presents by stacking three and tying them with a ribbon to take away.

    Chocolate chip cookies
    Vanilla cookies (pictured)
    Millie’s Cookies

    Afternoon tea ideas: Flapjacks


    Flapjacks are so quick and easy to make. To make basic flapjacks, all you need is oats, golden syrup, butter and sugar and once you’ve got the gist, you can experiment by adding apple and cinnamon or dried fruits.

    How to serve for afternoon tea: Cut your flapjack traybake into little squares to make bite-sized pieces.

    Millionaire flapjacks
    Mary Berry’s flapjacks
    Treacle flapjacks
    Apple flapjacks

    Afternoon tea ideas: Danish pastry

    Afternoon tea ideas

    Credit: TI Media

    Danish pastries make buttery, sweet treats that flake in your mouth and melt on the tongue. Once you’ve got the hang of our basic step-by-step recipe, you can experiment with different flavours and fillings too.

    How to serve for afternoon tea: Make your pastries the centre of attention by placing them on a board or large serving plate, but don’t layer them as they are sticky and can get stuck together.

    Classic Danish pastries
    Raspberry jam stuffed Danishes

    Afternoon tea ideas: Chocolate fudge cake

    Cake decoratig ideas: Sweets

    A luxurious chocolate sponge recipe will make you a popular afternoon tea host.

    How to serve for afternoon tea: Serve the cake whole for maximum impact. Why not experiment with cake decoration and top with Maltesers or chocolate fingers?

    Mary Berry’s chocolate cake
    Chocolate fudge cake
    Chocolate pick and mix cake (pictured)
    Gluten-free chocolate cake

    Afternoon tea ideas: Iced bun

    Afternoon tea ideas

    Credit: TI Media

    If you’re looking for an afternoon tea idea with a bit of flare, iced buns are a great shout. Bun recipes for everyone, including retro iced buns, hot cross buns and Chelsea buns. Perfect for both adults and kids.

    How to serve for afternoon tea: Iced buns look their best topped with different colours and lined up for guests to help themselves.

    Iced buns
    Brazilian teatime buns
    Blueberry hot cross buns
    Chelsea buns

    Afternoon tea ideas: Mousse

    Afternoon tea ideas

    Credit: Getty

    Mousse is a quick and simple afternoon tea idea. It can be made in advance and is often a refreshing little pick me up amongst the heavy cakes and pastries in a classic afternoon tea spread.

    How to serve for afternoon tea: Opt for small, dainty glasses to give your mousse a real fancy afternoon tea feel. Don’t forget a teaspoon.

    Frappucino mousse
    Triple layer mousse
    Chocolate honeycomb mousse pots
    Irish cream pots

    Afternoon tea ideas: Tea Loaf Cake

    Afternoon tea ideas

    No afternoon tea party is complete without a tea loaf cake spread with a generous layer of butter. Get experimental and use use whatever tea you prefer.

    How to serve for afternoon tea: Don’t forget to put butter into a dish and pop it on the table so everyone can help themselves.

    Classic tea loaf
    Cherry and coconut loaf
    Date and apple loaf
    Hazelnut loaf
    Horlicks and prune loaf cake

    Afternoon tea ideas: Lamingtons

    Afternoon tea ideas

    Credit: Getty

    Lamingtons are bite-sized pieces of cake covered in chocolate and coconut. They are so simple to make that the kids can help you make them.

    How to serve for afternoon tea: Line your Lamingtons on a board to show off their uniformity.


    Afternoon tea ideas: Bundt cake

    Afternoon tea ideas

    Credit: TI Media

    A simple bundt cake with really delightful and delicate icing is the perfect treat to go with your afternoon tea. Experiment with flavour combinations and use edible flowers to decorate it if you can.

    How to serve for afternoon tea: Bundt cakes make a wonderful centrepiece so place on a cake stand and let people serve themselves.

    Prosecco, white chocolate and rose bundt cake
    Treacle bundt cake with limoncello drizzle (pictured)
    Melting middle Cream Egg bundt cake

    Afternoon tea ideas: Rose and lemon Turkish delight

    Rose and lemon turkish delight

    These lovely Turkish delight squares are exactly that – a comforting sweet treat, delicious bite-sized treats so perfect for an afternoon tea.

    How to serve for afternoon tea: Serve in a dish or better yet a tall glass jar so your guests can see all the beautiful colours on display.

    Turkish delight rocky road
    Rose Turkish delight

    Afternoon tea ideas: Falafel

    Afternoon tea ideas:

    If you’re looking for a savoury vegetarian option for afternoon tea falafel is a great choice. It takes just 5 minutes to prep and can be made the day before too.

    How to serve for afternoon tea: Present your falafel on a bed of fresh salad leaves with a pot of hummus for dipping. You could also add toasted pitta bread fingers too.

    Homemade falafel
    Oven baked falafel bites

    Afternoon tea ideas: Scotch eggs

    Afternoon tea ideas

    Scotch eggs are a quick and easy savoury picnic snack that can be adapted to suit an afternoon tea spread. With our vegetarian version too – you can cater both meat and non-meat eaters in one.

    How to serve for afternoon tea: Place in a fancy bowl or scatter amongst the sandwiches.

    Scotch eggs
    Vegetarian Scotch eggs
    Stuffing and mash Scotch eggs

    Things you will need to decorate your table for afternoon tea:

    Afternoon tea ideas

    Alamy Stock Photo

    Recreating afternoon tea at home is simple and can often work out cheaper than going to a restaurant or cafe for afternoon tea in the UK.

    A tea set: Go for a matching set or a mixture of decorative plates to set the scene. Don’t have a set? Fake it by setting the table in all white pieces. Use matching napkins, or choose decorative paper plates to keep things simple.
    Bunting: It’s not just about your table settings, some floral bunting with brighten the room
    Teapot: No afternoon tea is complete without a classic teapot. It makes for easy refills.
    Drinks: Including tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or even fizz, if it’s a special occasion.
    Cutlery: You’ll need everything from a cake knife to teaspoons for spooning on the clotted cream.
    Napkins and doilies: Napkins for mess and doilies for decoration.
    Cake stand: Cake stands are a great way of showing off your bakes and making them look extra fancy. A large serving plate or even a chopping board would work just as well if you don’t have cake stands.
    Flowers: Make your spread look fresh and vibrant by adding pretty flowers to the mix.
    Menu: You could push the boat out and make your own afternoon tea menu to give an extra sense of occasion.

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