The Great British Bake Off quiz: How much do you REALLY know about the show?

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  • So, you think you know The Great British Bake Off like the back of your hand? Watched every single episode from the first time the show aired on the BBC? It’s time to put all of that Bake Off knowledge to the test!

    If you think you’ve got what it takes to ace our Bake Off quiz and be crowned a Star Baker (yes, that’s the title you receive if you complete our quiz with flying colours!) then we want to put you to the test!

    From general Bake Off knowledge to taking a trip down memory lane, you’re going to love taking part in this nifty GBBO quiz. Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood would be proud.


    Our quiz is so easy to follow too. Just select your answer by clicking on it and if it highlights green you were correct, if it highlights red you were wrong and the right answer will be highlighted in green instead. At the end of the quiz, you’ll get a title to decide how much of a Bake Off fan you truly are.

    You can share your results with friends and family too on social media, be it Facebook or Twitter – you’ll especially want to do this if you’re a Star Baker no doubt!

    This quiz is great not just for testing your Bake Off knowledge, but your friends too. Get the girls over for cake, cuppa and our The Great British Bake Off quiz. It’s the perfect afternoon in!

    Will you make Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood proud? Will you be crowned the next Star Baker or will you have to brush up on your Bake Off knowledge all over again.

    All that’s left to say is on your marks… get set… QUIZ!

    How did you get on? Did you ace The Great British Bake Off quiz or need to brush up on your knowledge? Comment below and tell us!