Revealed! The 6 baking essentials every mum NEEDS in her kitchen

Find out what latest baking equipment you must have in your kitchen...

In this week's #KidsKitchen video our mummy vlogger Sarah shares her must-have equipment every avid baker needs in their kitchen cupboards.

If you love baking up a storm in the kitchen every week, getting messy with your little ones or covering the work surfaces in icing sugar clouds, you really must have these baking essentials in your mitts.

From food colouring to piping bags, from spatulas to electric whisks, Sarah shares her best baking equipment with you.

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1. Digital scales

If you don't own a set of digital scales you're really missing out on the easiness that they bring to baking. They're so simple to use, easy to clean and they do all the hard work in making sure you're adding the correct amount of ingredients every time!

Sarah says; 'You can pick them up really cheap and if you're going to do lots of baking they're so useful. Just pop your bowl on, press '0', weigh stuff, press '0' and then add to the bowl.'

2. Silicone spatula

If you want to make sure you get every last bit of cake mixture out of the bowl when baking, a spatula is the tool for the job. It's so easy to use, can be stored in your kitchen cupboard with ease and it's simple to clean too.

Sarah says; 'I use it all the time when I bake and this is a really good spatula. These are worth spending a little bit of money on because if you get a good, strong silicone spatula you will get every last bit of cake mixture out.'

3. 2D piping nozzle

Sarah loves to use her 2D piping nozzle when decorating cupcakes or big birthday cakes. It gets the best results, with a lovely professional finish!

Sarah says; 'It just gives you that really nice swirl when you pipe with it.'

4. Disposable piping bags

Along with her 2D nozzle, Sarah recommends disposable piping bags. They save on the washing up, are cheap to buy and really easy to use too.

Sarah says; 'I'd definitely recommend disposable piping bags. They're probably more environmental friendly that doing the washing up and how long it takes to get horrible fabric piping bags clean.'

She continues, 'If you're ever going to do cake decorating you really need a piping bag and nozzle, they're super super useful!'

5. Electric whisk

We all dream of owning a KitchenAid but if you're strapped for cash and looking for something a little easier and cheaper to buy Sarah recommends a standard electric hand mixer from Tesco for only £10.

She says; 'It's definitely worth buying some kind of mixer, whatever you can afford. It will make cake mixing, and especially mixing buttercream so much easier!'

6. Gel food colouring

If you want to add a bit of colour to your bakes, make a florescent buttercream that stands above the rest or a kids birthday cake that's certainly got the rainbow factor, Sarah recommends some good old food colouring. But not just any food colouring, it has to be gel-based food colours to stop your mixture from going runny and not getting the strong colour you want to achieve.

Sarah says; 'The brand that I use is really good than a supermarket brand. They're quite expensive, about £3-£4 each but they last for years and years and you only use a tiny amount each time so you get your money's worth.'

Do you have all of these at home already? Which item will do you think you'll be buying after watching this? Comment below

Jessica Dady
Food Editor

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