What day do you give Easter eggs and when can you eat them?

What day do you give Easter eggs? Depending on whether you're following classical Easter traditions or mixing it up, this is what you need to know.

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It's difficult to know what day you give out Easter eggs, with the school holiday spanning a few weeks and chocolate treats on the shelves since early January. 

There are also so many places to buy Easter eggs online (opens in new tab) with some of the biggest and best brands often selling out of their Easter eggs weeks before the holiday weekend, though, so knowing the key dates around Easter and getting chocolate in your basket early is undoubtedly the best way to go. Planning ahead also helps when it comes to getting your Easter decorations (opens in new tab) up, filling Easter baskets (opens in new tab), and shopping for the best Easter hampers (opens in new tab) and Easter gifts for kids (opens in new tab).

As for when you should eat them, there are plenty of Easter food traditions (opens in new tab) to suggest that these chocolate Easter eggs should be eaten on a particular day. So it really depends whether you're a stickler for classical holiday traditions or like to mix it up.

What day does the Easter bunny come?

The elusive Easter bunny traditionally arrives on the morning of Easter Sunday (April 17 this year), before the typical Easter lunch (opens in new tab) that people tuck into over the weekend. This is because Sunday is the main day for Easter celebrations, often filled with delicious food, Easter activities and games (opens in new tab) for kids.

However, the Easter bunny can come anytime from Good Friday onwards as this is when the holiday begins.

Young boy eating chocolate easter egg before the day you're supposed to give Easter eggs

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What day do you give Easter eggs?

Most families following the church tradition of Easter will give Easter eggs on Easter Sunday, probably after a roast lamb Easter dinner (opens in new tab) or a vegetarian alternative.

It all depends on how you're celebrating the holiday though! Some people stock up on the early Easter egg deals in January and munch through the chocolate all the way until the big weekend. Others give their Easter eggs any day from Maundy Thursday (the day before Good Friday), which is on April 15 this year. This is the day when Lent ends, so many people see this as the perfect opportunity to indulge in a delicious Easter dessert (opens in new tab).

Some people also give Easter eggs on Holy Saturday (April 16), so it really depends on when you want to give the chocolatey treats.

But, why do we even eat Easter eggs? This video explains the symbolism behind the most popular foods traditionalism eaten at this time, including hot cross buns, simnel cake and roast lamb.

When can you eat Easter eggs?

Much like when you should give Easter eggs, when you should eat them is completely up to you!

Although Easter is a religious event, Easter eggs are not actually part of the religious nature of the weekend. They are representative of springtime and rebirth, rather than the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

This means that there's no set day to eat Easter eggs, but most people tuck in anytime between Maundy Thursday and Easter Sunday.