Cadbury are giving away FREE Dairy Milk chocolate bars in their new pop-up shop

Cadbury is opening a pop up shop filled with authentic Cadbury products and you can pick up free bars of Dairy Milk chocolate

Cadbury is launching its very own authentic purple newsagent's shop where you'll be able to get FREE chocolate bars.

The purple shop called 'Glass and a Half' will be the first one of its kind with a selection of unique Cadbury-related items including newspapers, postcards, house-hold items and over 10,000 bars of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate.

The only catch is the store doesn't accept money.

To claim your free bar, you'll have to give the shop staff a little knick-knack, such as a trinket, plastic ring, a keyring or a button.

This concept brings to life the latest Cadbury TV advert that celebrates generosity through its characters.

In the advert, a young girl heads into a corner shop to buy a bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk for her mother's birthday.

Still taken from the Cadbury TV campaign

The little girl hadn't been into a shop before on her own, but re-enacted what she's seen her mum do whenever they go shopping.

She picks up a bar of the chocolate and heads to the counter to pay for it. Pulling out her purse, she doesn't have any money, only a collection of trinkets that include a button and a fake diamond ring.

Lucky for her the shopkeeper kindly accepts, and the girl heads off home to give her mum the gift of this retro chocolate bar favourite.

The real-life version of this unique Cadbury store will start in London next weekend between Thursday 25 to Sunday 28 January in Soho, and will be open between 10am until 6pm everyday.

The address of the store is 57 Greek Street, W1D 3DX.

If you don't live in or around London, after 28 January, the store will move to Birmingham and Sheffield, where fans can continue to get their hands on the bars of delicious and immerse themselves in all the authentic purple products.

For those who can't get to a store but don't want to miss out, the brand will also creating a digital store, so you can get yourself a free bar of Dairy Milk no matter where you are, from their online newsagents.


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