Challenge Selasi: GoodtoKnow puts GBBO’s most chilled out baker to the test

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  • During his time on The Great British Bake Off, Selasi Gbormittah earned a reputation as one of the most chilled out contestants of all time.

    Whether he was baking biscuits or piping an elaborate cake, mastering homemade jaffa cakes or whipping up a batch of churros, nothing seemed to phase Selasi, who seemed to spend most of his time lying in front of his oven, or sampling his wares with minutes of the task left to spare.

    Although he wasn’t crowned the winner of the series, leaving on Patisserie Week after failing to impress with his petit fours, he left a lasting impression on Paul, Mary, and the rest of the nation, thanks to his quick one-liners and so-laid-back-he’s-basically-horizontal approach – and even now, whenever we’re feeling the heat in the kitchen, we remind ourselves to take a page out of his super relaxed book.

    However, watching him handle every single task without so much as a bead of sweat on his brow did make us wonder – is there anything that would make Selasi crumble under the pressure? And so, we decided to get him into GoodtoKnow HQ to find out…

    Challenge Selasi: Read these tweets without laughing

    (Very obvious) spoiler: Selasi is, naturally, cool-as-a-cucumber throughout this challenge, barely even cracking a smile at some of the nation’s most hilarious commentary about his time in the tent. Could you do the same? Click the play button and put yourself to the test…

    Challenge Selasi: Decorate three cakes in under three minutes

    Could we finally have the man flustered? This challenge calls for him to decorate a Christmas cake in three minutes, a birthday cake in two minutes, and lastly, a romantic Valentine’s Day cake in just 60 seconds, and even though he got all of the supplies (and snacks) he could need, it’s no easy task. Watch the video to see if Selasi ‘rises’ to the occasion…