Cheap takeaways: alternatives to save you money

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  • We all love to relax with a takeaway every now and then, but before we know it, that ‘one-off’ takeaway becomes more frequent and we’re spending a fortune to have someone else cook our meals.

    So how can we still enjoy the perks of having a tasty takeaway, without blowing our hand earned cash? See blow for cheap alternatives that are just as tasty.


    cheap takeaway alternatives

    If a curry is what you crave on a weekend, try a supermarket’s own version (just heat them up, it’s no fuss!), or if you’d like to be healthier too, have a go at cooking one of these dishes.

    Tesco takeaways: Grab a Tesco Indian takeaway meal for 2 (1.7 kg) for just £8.00. You’ll get Chicken Korma, Chicken Tikka ( or there are spicier versions available),Pilau Rice, Naan Bread and Bombay Potatoes. Buying these each individually would cost you £10 – so you’re making another saving by buying this ready-made pack.

    Make it yourself: It will take you a bit longer, but it’ll be so much healthier and you can enjoy that smug ‘I made that’ feeling – plus you won’t feel sluggish afterwards. Try these recipes:

    Cheat’s chicken korma
    Total cost: £3.91 (1 onion, 16p, Minara’s Korma Paste 198g, £1.29, Tesco Everyday Value Chicken Breast Fillets 271g, £2, Tesco Fresh Single Cream 150ml, 46p. We’re assuming you have sunflower oil in your cupboard and we’ve left out the toasted almonds to save money.)


    Cheap takeaway alternatives

    Chinese is another family favourite but these cheaper supermarket own versions or recipes to try yourself are much cheaper versions.

    Tesco takeaways: Pick up Tesco’s Sweet And Sour Chicken And Rice for £2.50, Katsu Chicken Curry with Sticky Jasmine Rice, £3.00, Egg Fried Rice for £1.50,  and 16 Piece Chinese Selection (including prawn toast, chicken wontons, vegetable spring rolls and sweet chilli dip) for £2.25.

    Make it yourself: If you’ve never made Chinese food before, you might be surprised at how tasty a homemade version can be! A big version of one of these dishes for everyone to dig into will make a fun Friday night meal.

    Sweet chilli prawn stir fry
    Total cost: £11.59 (2 carrots 16p, red cabbage, 55p, Sharwoods Fine Egg Noodles 375g, £1, Toasted Sesame Oil 250ml, £1.59, Frozen Raw King Prawns 400g, £5, spring onions, £1, Thai Dancer Sweet Chilli Sauce, £2.29.)

    Beef and pepper stir fry
    Total cost: £14.93 (garlic bulb, 49p, ginger, 69p, rump steak 300g, £4.26, ref pepper, 78p, green pepper, 78p, Everyday Value Closed Cup Mushrooms 400g, 95p, mangetout, £1, beansprouts, 60p, spring oninons, £1, Tesco Hoisin Sauce 250ml, 98p, Tesco Dark Soy Sauce, 65p, Sharwoods Fine Egg Noodles 375g, £1, Pak Choi 250g, £1.25. We’ve assumed you have oil and sugar in the cupboard already, and we’ve left out dry sherry to save money – but if you already have some, throw it in!)



    Buying pizzas for the family can easily end up costing £25 – which seems a bit unnecessary when you can pick them up for less than £1 in the supermarket! Or, we’ve got some recipes you can try yourself at home.

    Tesco takeaway: Tesco Everyday Value pizzas cost as little as £1.50 for a Stonebake Thin Double Pepperoni (margherita, ham and pineapple flavours also available). Or, if you’re really saving, grab a frozen Deep Pan Cheese pizza for just £1.10! If you need something on the side, a 215g Garlic Baguette cost you just 90p.

    Make it yourself: Homemade pizzas are great fun for the kids to get involved in making – add on any extra veg you have in the fridge.

    Gino D’Acampo’s classic margherita pizza
    Cheap to make, this recipe makes 2 pizzas, perfect for sharing and will take 1hr and 15 mins to prepare and cook. You’ll need 200g strong white flour, (£1 from Tesco), 7g fast-action dried yeast (85p), 200g passata (35p for Tesco Everyday Value), 2 mozzarella balls, (80p).


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