13 Poundland essentials we found in our Christmas haul

In this week's #KidsKitchen, mummy vlogger Sarah went to Poundland on the hunt for Christmassy buys...

In this week's #KidsKitchen, mummy vlogger Sarah has been to Poundland and found a LOT of Christmassy buys, including kitchen essentials for Christmas dinner, bargain baking equipment and fun accessories for the kids - just because it's Christmas!

These finds are a real steal at just £1 each, from the useful to the sparkly extras. You can't go wrong with these Christmas Poundland buys that will help add a little extra sparkle to your Christmas.

'The festive season is approaching and you know how I like to celebrate - with a trip to Poundland!' says Sarah. We hear you Sarah! Her finds will help give Christmas some extra sparkle, in the purse-friendliest way possible. That's what we love about Poundland.

Take a look at all the Christmas buys she brought home, all at just £1 each (obvs!).

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1. Sequinned Santa hat

'First things first, my hat!' says Sarah. 'Amazing sparkles - it's like Santa glamour! I love it.'

2. Reindeer headbands

'Next, we have these little jingly Rudolph ears for the children; they are going to love these!' says Sarah. At £1 a pop, the kids can have one each!

3. Chocolate coins

'Obviously, I NEED these for Christmas!' says Sarah. A must for any stocking, and you can't get them at much better value than £1 a bag.

4. Christmas bowls

'Next, I got this plastic snack dish and salad bowl, which I thought were quite cute with a gingerbread men pattern. Perfect for treats! Not sure if there's going to be a lot of salad going in there if I'm honest...' Christmas is no time for salad, Sarah! Take a look at our Christmas party food ideas.

5. Paint Your Own Decorations baubles

'I got some paint-your-own baubles, in a pack of two - which is perfect if you have two children like me,' says Sarah. 'For only £1, I thought that would be a nice rainy day activity to do together.'

6. Christmas tissue paper

'You get 15 sheets, but they are quite small sheets - I've already opened one pack,' says Sarah, who's obviously keen to start wrapping. 'But I thought that was quite good for £1."

7. Kitchen Corner 10-pack foil containers with lids

'This is a bit random, but I picked up some foil container packs, which I love for putting leftovers in the freezer,' says Sarah. 'At the start of the month, I try to do some cooking so that on the busy days and when we're out, we've got some stuff in the freezer, so these are really good for that. 10p each is really, really good value.'

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8. Amarettini biscuits

'My next favourite thing, which might not be Christmassy to everybody, is amaretti biscuits. Years ago, when Queen Nigella wrote her Christmas book, I found a recipe in there for rocky road with amaretti biscuits in it - so for me, they always taste like Christmas and I have to get them in to make the Nigella Christmas rocky road. They are normally really quite expensive, but £1 a bag is amazing value.'

9. Christmas star biscuits

'These come in a nice Christmassy packet, which I thought might make a nice Christmas gift,' says Sarah. 'The children will really like these!'

10. Jane Asher's Kitchen white chocolate stars

'If you're doing any Christmas baking, these white chocolate stars will be nice and festive on your Christmas bakes,' says Sarah.

'You've got a gingerbread man, Christmas tree, a stocking and a snowflake, which will be really useful for cooking with the kids over Christmas,' says Sarah.

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12. Bacofoil turkey foil

'This is vital for the main event,' says Sarah. 'It's extra, extra long, extra wide foil so you can cover your turkey without wrestling the foil.'

13. Kitchen Corner turkey roaster tray

'You can buy foil throwaway ones of these and I think they were 3 for £1, but I've used them before and they are really flimsy and you can nearly juggle your turkey and drop it,' says Sarah. 'So for the sake of splashing out £1 for Christmas, I bought one of these and if it's looking like a disaster after Christmas Day, I might throw it in the bin. That's a bit of a cheat and a good thing to have ready for Christmas Day.'


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