14 creative breakfast ideas for kids

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  • Breakfast doesn’t have to be boring, especially with these fun and creative breakfast ideas!

    From fruit rainbows to turtle waffles, we’re feeling very inspired by this round-up of breakfast art.

    Looks like we’re sorted for a Sunday morning activity this weekend…

    1. Banana ice cream

    Image from kalandarson.blogspot.com via Pinterest

    How clever is this little breakfast treat made with chopped up banana for the ice cream and sliced toast for the cone? We think it’s a great idea!

    2. Strawberry mice

    Image from goodtoknow

    Get your kids to eat their strawberries in the morning by turning them into cute mice with grape ears and pineapple cheese – awww!

    3. Teddy bear pancake

    Image from kalandarson.blogspot.com via Pinterest

    We just love this teddy bear pancake idea – a chocolate sauce smile and some raisin eyes. What a genius idea! Fancy making pancakes now? We’ve got the perfect pancake recipe for you!

    4. Croissant crab

    Image from kalandarson.blogspot.com via Pinterest

    Croissant crab anyone? This clever creation is made simply by adding strawberry claws and carrot legs to a warm and buttery croissant.

    5. Flower waffles

    Image from eggorecipes.tumblr.com via Pinterest

    These flower waffles are really easy to recreate, you could get the kids to help out displaying the flowers on the plate and then gobbling them up in one go too!

    6. Santa pancakes

    Image from emilycox15 via Pinterest

    Turn your pancakes into your child’s favourite idol – we’re voting for Father Christmas but you could get creative with other ‘celebs’ too like Bob The Builder or Shrek. The possibilities are endless!

    7. Owl apple

    Image from moms.popsugar.com via Pinterest

    So, you can’t get your child to eat an apple – how about turning it into an owl? A little bit of chopping and re-organising and ta-dah! It’s a real hoot!

    8. Fruit rainbow

    Image from goodtoknow

    A dollop of yogurt for dipping and an array of colourful fruits, they’re bound to tuck into this healthy feast.

    9. Bunny sandwich

    Image from moms.popsugar.com via Pinterest

    Cute! We just love this bunny sarnie idea. All you need is a little spread of jam or peanut butter and some bananas ears and you’ve got a work of art!

    10. Turtle waffle

    Image from yourhealthybreakfast.blogspot.com via Pinterest

    It’s doesn’t take much to make this turtle breakfast – just one banana and one waffle. Simple, yet effective.

    11. Owl toast

    Image from letslassothemoon.com via Pinterest

    We just love this design! Turn your toast into a work of art with a spread of peanut butter and some fresh fruit.

    12. Christmas breakfast

    Image from pocketchangegourmet.com via Pinterest

    The kids are going to love this festive breakfast – perfect for Christmas morning! There’s pancake snowmen, marshmallow snow, sugar coated doughnut snowmen (on straws!) and not forgetting a festive glass of milk mmm…

    13. Teddy bear toast

    Image from kalandarson.blogspot.com via Pinterest

    Teddy bear toast anyone? Cute, simple and delicious too!

    14. Olaf pancakes

    Image from kitchenfunwithmy3sons.blogspot.com via Pinterest

    Oh we do love Frozen and we just love Olaf too – that’s why these Olaf pancakes are top of our list to make this weekend with the kids. Fancy making pancakes now? We’ve got the perfect pancake recipe for you!

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