Aldi launches glitter gin globe to rival the popular M&S £17 version

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  • Aldi has launched a glitter gin globe to rival the M&S £17 version and it's a worthy dupe.

    Aldi is selling a glitter gin globe to rival the popular M&S £17 version and it’s cheaper.

    The low-cost supermarket has decided to give shoppers a dupe of their favourite glitter gin and it’s £4 cheaper than the 2021 popular supermarket rival tipple.

    It comes after M&S announced it has brought back the sell-out M&S glitter gin globe with a summer twist and follows its successful festive sell out which saw its Christmas gin snow globes fly off the shelves both last Christmas and the festive period before.

    Both bottles of booze contain 23-carat edible gold leaf, but the Aldi version costs £2 less compared to M&S’ from last year and are perfect for rustling up some gin cocktails.

    Aldi glitter gin globe elderflower and peach

    In a subtle nod to the £15 elderflower flavour gin M&S released in 2020, the budget supermarket has flavoured its £12.99 gin with elderflower and peach. And while the M&S flavour isn’t available any more, its summer cherry blossom glitter gin is a pricier £17.

    So if shoppers simply want a glitter gin to dazzle on their outdoor garden furniture for the rule of six gathering’s post-lockdown, then the Aldi version is £4 cheaper and is just one of its best gins for 2021.

    It’s predicted that the M&S glitter gin globe will prove popular once more and if Aldi Specialbuys are anything to go by, their budget version is likely to fly off the shelves too.

    Both M&S and Aldi flavours are sold in 70cl bottles and the alcohol content is the same for each supermarket, coming in at 20% alcohol by volume (ABV). The Aldi version will be available in stores and online from April 22, as part of the supermarket’s Specialbuys range.

    Remember to drink responsibly, even though it turns out that there are some incredible health benefits that can come from drinking gin. Perfect excuse for stocking up the drinks trolley!

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