Aldi's giant Ostrich Easter egg is selling for twice the price on eBay

The Moser Roth Giant Ostrich Egg is so popular it’s already selling for almost double the price on eBay.

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Aldi's Moser Roth Giant Ostrich Egg is so popular it’s already selling for almost double the price on eBay.

The budget supermarket chain has pulled out all the stops with this one. While the showstopping chocolatey treat has been inspired by an Ostrich egg, it’s actually bigger than the real thing! The egg is 28cm tall and 22cm wide, and weighs in at a whopping 800g. By comparison, the average ostrich egg is approximately 15cm long and 13cm wide.

aldi ostrich egg

Credit: Aldi

The Moser Roth egg, which is made from white chocolate and blended with caramelised sugar powder, is currently being sold in Aldi stores for £14.99, but it's in such hot demand that it has already been listed for sale on eBay for as much as £25.

While there are plenty of weird and wonderful offerings to choose from this Easter, from ASDA’s Marmite-flavoured egg to M&S's yoga bunny, we reckon you can’t go wrong with this one if you’re looking for a present for a white chocolate fan – if you can get hold of one, of course.

Aldi’s stunning new Specially Selected Ruby Heist Easter Egg is also set to hit the shelves on Thursday. Crafted from the new pink ‘ruby chocolate’ to look like a precious stone, the luxury egg comes with 24 equally exotic-sounding truffles, in flavours like Orange & Pomelo. At £12.99, it looks a lot more expensive than its price tag too.

Aldi Ruby egg

Credit: Aldi

Or if you’re after an elegant egg with a twist, check out the Aldi Specially Selected Exquisite Birdcage. It features a dark chocolate egg housed in a metallic milk chocolate cage, making for an Easter gift with real wow factor.

Aldi birdcage

Credit: Aldi

The chocolatiers who created it also make chocolates for luxury brands like Fortnum & Mason, so at £14.99 it’s a real bargain, and an option that’s sure to win you brownie points if you’re buying a present for someone special.

Not that we’d judge if you decided to keep it for yourself, of course.

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