ASDA is selling bacon flavour oven chips and they sound amazing

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You can now pick up bacon flavour fries with your weekly shop – and they’re vegetarian!

They've already brought us boozy Baileys cupcakes, giant Custard Cream cakes and even a Marmite-flavoured Easter egg, but this might be one of our favourite ASDA product launches yet.

Seasoned with smoke flavouring and onion powder, their new ‘extra crunchy’ skin-on bacon flavour fries are suitable for vegetarians and take only 18 minutes to cook from frozen.

Priced at £1.50 for a 500g bag, they’re great value too. Each pack contains four servings, with each portion containing 144 calories and 5.7g of fat. And while they might be a fairly indulgent side, they’re low in saturated fat, with just half a gram per portion.

Keeping the skin on gives you some nutritional benefits, too. Potato skin is packed with fibre, B vitamins, iron, calcium, riboflavin and potassium. The skin has 17 times as much iron as the flesh, and one whole baked potato provides a quarter of your recommended daily intake.

ASDA Skin On Bacon Flavour Fries

Credit: ASDA

And if you’re not a bacon fan, ASDA has plenty of alternatives for chip-loving shoppers...

They also sell French fries seasoned with garlic and chilli powder, sweet potato fries flavoured with smoked salt, garlic and cayenne pepper, chilli flavour crinkle fries seasoned with cayenne pepper, paprika and thyme, and rainbow fries made from carrots, beetroot and parsnips.

The chilli flavour fries have proved a big hit with chilli and non-chilli fans alike.

‘I’m not a big spice fan so for me these are very spicy but with some dip they are lovely,’ said one online reviewer.

‘They cook lovely crispy but don’t burn.’ Another commented, ‘They are full of flavour with a kick of spice and definitely hit the spot.’

One person called them the ‘best oven chips I’ve had,’ while another agreed, ‘I usually hate oven chips but these are gorgeous. Nice flavour and not stodgy. Addicted.’

We can’t wait to try them!

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