Ben & Jerry’s NEW Moo-phoria Poppin’ Popcorn ice cream only contains 114 calories

Low calorie ice cream never tasted so good!

With our Netflix consumption at an all time high, our TV snacking has also increased - so, we're loving the sound of Ben & Jerry’s NEW Moo-phoria Poppin’ Popcorn ice cream.

This tub of frozen goodness is the Ben & Jerry’s Moo-phoria Poppin’ Popcorn, actually makes us want to stay home and keep bingeing our favourite series.

So what’s the deal with this Ben & Jerry’s Moo-phoria Poppin’ Popcorn ice cream?

Well, not only does it seemingly have the longest ice cream name in history (although we can’t actually confirm that), but it racks in a tiny 114 calories per 100ml, which is less calories than a standard choclate ice cream. Just be aware, the tub contains 500g, which is enough for five portions.

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It features features chunks of chocolatey covered popcorn, crammed into Fairtrade buttery brown sugar ice cream, finished with a sweet and salty caramel swirl. Drooling yet? We're ever so slightly obsessed with the moreish popcorn lumps as it's essentially the two best TV snacks rolled into one; popcorn and ice cream!

This flavour is the latest in Ben & Jerry’s Moo-phoria family which is lighter on fat but heavier on chunks and swirls AKA, the good stuff. Who doesn't love a chunk?!

A tub costs £5:49 and is available nationwide.

Ben & Jerry’s aren’t the only ones getting us excited over delicious new ice cream flavours.

Last month, M&S announced the release of Percy Pig flavoured ice cream (yes you read that right!)

Percy Pig turned veggie recently, and this new ice cream appears to be using the same formula as M&S has revealed it’s suitable for vegetarian foodies too.

Don't fancy popping out to pick up a tub of ready made ice cream? You could make your own. Try our no-churn vanilla ice cream recipe which is super easy to make! Or, for a real chocolately ice cream treat, try our moorish recipe for Cream Egg ice cream.

Netflix, we're ready for you!

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