Save big on this GIANT 4.5kg Toblerone bar today

Four and a half kilos of pure yum...
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  • Save big on this jumbo Toblerone bar this Black Friday.

    Black Friday takes place on 27th November, but there’s plenty of early deals to be had!
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    There’s an incredible Black Friday deal on a jumbo Toblerone bar right now.

    At Christmas time there’s no better indulgence than chocolate and you can save over £17 on this epic, 4.5kg Toblerone bar ready to crack open on the big day.

    Black Friday chocolate deals – at a glance:

    Toblerone Milk Chocolate 4.5kg Jumbo Bar – Amazon | SAVE £10.13
    Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate X-Mas Bar 850g – Amazon | SAVE £9.90
    Lindt Gold Reindeer Milk Chocolate Pack of 16 – Amazon | SAVE £7.84
    Kinder Chocolate Box of 36 Bars – Amazon | SAVE £3.32
    Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate 48 truffles 600g – Amazon | SAVE £3.20
    Hotel Chocolat The Classic Christmas Sleekster – Amazon | SAVE £3.46
    Hotel Chocolat The Christmas Luxe – Amazon | SAVE £5.46
    Maltesers Chocolate Truffles, Party Gift Box – Amazon | SAVE £4
    Celebrations Chocolate Tall Jar – Amazon | SAVE £5

    There’s no way there’ll be arguments about having to share this giant treat!

    Toblerone Milk Chocolate 4.5kg Jumbo Bar

    Toblerone Milk Chocolate Jumbo Bar 4.5kg

    View at Amazon – (£45.99 | SAVE £10.13)

    Chocolate bars don’t get much bigger than this!

    Weighing in at almost 5kg, this gigantic chunk of Swiss chocolate with honey and almond nougat will last you the entire festive season – unless you’ve got a SERIOUS sweet tooth.

    It’s the ideal gift for the massive Toblerone fan in your life and contains all the beauty of the iconic old school choc, just on a huge scale.

    There’s plenty more drool-worthy chocolate deals to be had this Black Friday.

    Kinder Chocolate Medium Bar Box of 36 

    Kinder Chocolate Medium Bar Box of 36 Bars

    View at Amazon – (£8.20 | SAVE £3.32)

    If Kinder chocolate is your go to, then get fully stocked with this bulk box of 36 bars.

    The ultimate hazelnut flavoured choc treat is available in a bulk buy bargain now! This jumbo box of 36 Kinder bars is smashing value and perfect for building sweet treat hampers for loved ones this Christmas.

    Snap it up for £8.20 instead of £11.52 this Black Friday weekend.

    Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate 850g X-Mas BarCadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate X-Mas Bar 850g

    View at Amazon – (£10 | SAVE £9.90)

    Cadbury is a festive must-have in any British household – and there’ll be plenty to go round with this 850g bar of Dairy Milk.

    It costs just a tenner right now instead of its usual price tag of £19.90. Bargain!