Cadbury sparks outrage with fans after THIS Creme Egg pronunciation revelation

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  • Cadbury has left the nation baffled over the correct way to pronounce its popular fondant filled chocolate egg.

    Although the saying goes you say ‘potato’ I say ‘potato’ there are some pronunciations that strongly divide opinion.

    Just last week, Meghan Markle became the centre of a heated debate over how to pronounce the word ‘scone’.

    Now Cadbury has sent fans into a flurry when it suggested the Cadbury Crème Egg should be spoken as ‘crem’ rather than ‘cream’. The confectionery company was replying to a tweet asking the simple question: ‘@CadburyUK are you meant to pronounce crème egg as CREAM or CREM?????’

    It’s possible the chocolate-lover was trying to settle a discussion among her own friends or perhaps she was just curious.

    Either way the answer from Cadbury was very unexpected: ‘Pronounced as Crem :)’, spokesperson for the brand wrote on Twitter.

    Whatever the pronunciation, we bet you’d love our mouthwatering Creme Egg recipes

    The response caused many fans of the chocolate treat to take to social media and express their disbelief at the pronunciation.

    One wrote: ‘This has hurt my feelings.’ Another added: ‘What is happening here? The walls are falling in! Crem Egg? This can’t be true.’

    But while the Internet exploded in debate, it seems Cadbury might have just made a little spelling error. 

    Cadbury confirmed on its Twitter: ‘Looks like we missed out the ‘a’ there! Most definitely pronounced as ‘Cream’ egg! 😁’

    But one apology was not enough, as the confectionery company posted several clarifications.

    One post said: ‘Please eggscuse our typo. Creme Egg is most definitely pronounced as ‘Cream’ Egg. Things got a little bit scrambled there!’

    Another read: ‘Eggscellent spot from @mrdanwalker our brains were a little fried from all the Creme Egg Camp eggscitement! Don’t worry everyone, Creme Egg is pronounced as ‘Cream’ Egg.’

    People were very relieved that the pronunciation debate was no more than a little misunderstanding.

    One fondant-filled egg fan wrote: ‘Thank god for that. I’ve been feeling angry about crem for the last 20 minutes.’

    Another posted: ‘Thank goodness for that’, while several others simply commented: ‘Phew!’