22 Creme Egg recipes to make this Easter

The best Creme Egg recipes, from brownies, fudge and flapjacks to pancakes, milkshakes and ice cream...

A selection of the best Creme Egg recipes
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From Creme Egg brownies to ice cream, we’ve got plenty of brilliant and inventive Creme Egg recipes to choose from.

In much the same way as Mini Eggs, Easter simply wouldn't be Easter without Creme Eggs – across the globe, we eat 500 million of them every year. And while we love them just as they are, there's a lot that can be done with our chocolate fondant faves in the baking department, from milkshakes to flapjacks to fudge.

"The kids will love to get involved with these recipes. Not only a fun way to eat and use up your Creme eggs but an opportunity to get the kids baking this Easter. The recipes are great for budding bakers of all ages and will help them develop their maths and literacy skills as well as their imagination, boosting their confidence and showing off their yummy Easter creations to friends and family," says Ruth Chubb, founder of Three Bears Cookery Club, specialising in cooking classes for children.

Celebrate this Easter food with our roundup of the best Creme Egg recipes. Because we all need more chocolate at this time of year, right?

The best Creme Egg recipes

creme egg recipes

Liven up your regular flapjacks, the Creme Egg way

1. Creme egg flapjacks

Serves/Makes: 20 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 45 min

A foolproof bake, this is a classic flapjack seasonally jazzed up with chopped Creme Eggs in place of the more typical choc chips or raisins, before drizzling with melted white chocolate and yellow food colouring to create that Creme Egg ‘goo’ effect. 

This bake could also be created using any Easter eggs broken up and added into the mix, or with Mini Eggs, bashed up with a rolling pin in a food bag. A marvellous choice to serve to guests with coffee over the Easter weekend.

Get the recipe: Creme Egg flapjacks

creme egg recipes

Start the day as you mean to go on over these morning pastries with an Easter spin

2. Creme Egg puff pastry twists

Makes: 16 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 30 min

Creme Egg puff pastry twists are made using a mere four ingredients: ready rolled puff pastry, an egg, icing sugar and, yup, Creme Eggs. Simple, but effective, and the perfect treat breakfast for a spot of Easter Sunday indulgence (start as you mean to go on…)

And should you really want to go for it on the morning sweet treats, serve with dipping chocolate for an extra naughty breakfast affair. 

"Adding a bit of flare to your puff pastry twists, these are great for kids to work on their hand eye coordination," says Ruth Chubb.

Get the recipe: Creme egg pastry puffs

Creme Egg brownies

Oof, don't mind if we do, thanks

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3. Creme Egg brownies

Serves: 12 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 30 min

A classic brownie is given the Easter treatment by topping with halved Creme Eggs (top tip – warm the knife under hot water for a cleaner cut of your Eggs). This rich, gooey delight of a pud is a wonderful one to dish up for Easter Sunday dessert, served warm and drizzled with fresh cream, fresh custard or with a scoop of ice cream – vanilla or white chocolate flavour is just perfect here. A family dinner triumph in the making.

Get the recipe: Easter egg brownies

creme egg fudge

4. Creme Egg fudge

Makes: 60 | Skill level: Medium | Total time: 40 min

Knowing how to make fudge is an excellent addition to the baking skill set. It's all about the boil and you'll be in need of a thermometer to get the temp of your ingredients up to a whopping 115°C – and all without it burning. It's an art form. This fudge is made with dark chocolate which should be at least 70% cocoa – this beautifully offsets the sweetness of the Creme Eggs, which are pushed into the mixture upon cooling. A great alternative gift to a standard Easter egg for your beloveds.

Get the recipe: Creme egg fudge

Creme egg milkshake

A milkshake with bells and whistles. And Creme Eggs.

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5. Creme Egg milkshake

Makes: 1 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 5 min

Whip together milk, ice cream and Creme Eggs in a blender and then decorate however your heart desires. Serve in Kilner jars and try topping with whipped cream, caramel, chocolate sauce and even more Creme Eggs – mini versions work well here. And then there are the options of chopped nuts, fudge pieces, chocolate vermicelli… We could go on… 

Also, add a grown-up flavour with a dash of rum in the blender if this isn't being made for kids (and why should they have all the fun, frankly?).

Get the recipe: Creme Egg milkshake

Creme egg ice cream

The delights of Creme Egg ice cream, served in an edible Easter egg bowl

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6. Creme Egg ice cream bowl

Serves: 8 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 6 hrs (including freezing)

"Adding an Easter twist to your homemade ice-cream, it's a great one to get the kids involved in making their own Easter ice-cream that they can share with their friends," says Ruth Chubb.

Made to a 'no-churn' recipe, the base is made up of just two ingredients; double cream and condensed milk, to give a beautifully creamy finish. Chocolate, vanilla and Creme Eggs are stirred through for a seasonal twist and it's dished up with a halved Easter Egg serving as a bowl – extra chocolate and it saves on washing up. Double winner.

Get the recipe Creme Egg ice cream

Creme egg toastie

Your lunchtime toastie, but not as you know it...

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7. Creme Egg toastie

Serves: 2 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 15 min

As a toasted sarnie goes, it doesn't come any more decadent than this. Forget cheese and pickle, this brunch or lunchtime sweet treat could only be gotten away with at Easter time. 

Thickly sliced bread, coated in butter and fried in a pan means the edges are crunchy and golden while the middle is soft and oozing – yes, oozing – with melted Creme Eggs. Even Nutella on toast looks a little pedestrian compared to this offering.

Get the recipe: Creme Egg toastie

Creme egg and french toast soldiers

Dippy eggs and soldiers, but not as we know them...

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8. Creme Egg and French toast soldiers

Serves/Makes: 1 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 15 min

How completely adorable is this? Creme Eggs with a side of French toast soldiers to dip. Smothered in an eggy bread mixture and fried before coating with powdered cinnamon and sugar and cut into slices, it's the ultimate Easter breakfast for thrilled kiddies. And we think we might well join in with it too.

Get the recipe: Creme Egg and soldiers

Chocolate creme egg cake

A classic cake is given the Easter treatment

9. Chocolate Creme Egg cake

Serves/Makes: 8-12 | Skill level: Medium | Total time: 55 min

This decadent cake would make the perfect centrepiece for your Easter table. A classic chocolate sponge filled with whipped cream, topped with a chocolate ganache and decorated with piles of Creme Eggs, both full-sized and mini versions. 

An excellent one to treat yourself to a slice to while watching an afternoon movie on a drizzly Bank Holiday, or after a spot of seasonally appropriate DIY. Enjoy.

Get the recipe: Creme Egg cake

Creme Egg cake bars

Little squares of sweet heaven

10. Creme Egg cake bars

Makes: 9-12 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 50 min

A rich chocolate sponge concealing mini Creme Eggs, and a sweet centre infused with orange, these bars are topped with a thick blanket of chocolate coating and, yup, yet more Creme Eggs. 

An excellent one for afternoon tea, and a great choice for a lunch box treat once the kids get back to school. If there are any left by then, that is…

Get the recipe: Creme Egg cake bars

Creme Egg cheesecake

11. Creme Egg cheesecake

Serves: 12 | Skill level: Easy| Total time: 30 min

This striking cheesecake is two tone to mimic the white and yolk of an egg, an effect achieved by adding food colouring to half the mixture. It's a no-bake affair, so it's pretty failsafe. Decorated, of course, with chopped mini Creme Eggs, you could also sprinkle chocolate powder or grated choc over the top, and even include some bashed-up Creme Eggs in the mix. Because, as we know, you can never have too many Creme Eggs at Easter time, are we right, or are we right? 

Get the recipe: Creme Egg cheesecake

Creme Egg cookies

One to keep the kids occupied on a drizzly day

12. Creme Egg cookies

Makes: 8 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 20 min

These rich and buttery chocolate cookies are simply made with cocoa powder and topped with a mini Creme Egg split in half. An excellent seasonal school holiday activity on a rainy day, an important tip is to cover them with greaseproof paper to prevent burning (and thus, tears from small people) in the oven. 

Take this recipe to the next level by crushing Creme Eggs into the cookie dough too. Don't mind if we do.

Get the recipe: Creme Egg cookies

Creme Egg roulade

A seasonal spin on a Swiss roll

13. Creme Egg roulade

Serves: 8 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 35 min

Impress your friends and family on Easter Sunday by whipping up this delicious, rich Creme Egg roulade. A seasonal riff on a classic Swiss roll, it's easier to make than it looks and is packed a filling flavoured with vanilla flavoured whipped cream mixed with, of course, Creme Eggs. 

You'll need to take a trip down the baking aisle or to Hobbycraft to stock up on food colourings for this particular offering, as it's drizzled in vibrant icing in the trademark colours of that Cadbury packaging.

Get the recipe: Creme Egg roulade

Hot cross Creme Egg pudding

Could anything say 'Easter' more than this pudding?

14. Hot cross Creme Egg pudding

Serves/Makes: 4-6 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 1 hr 20 min

Could there be anything that says Easter more than a recipe that combines hot cross buns and Creme Eggs? A hot cross bun pudding is a spin on the classic bread and butter pudding, with the buns soaked in custard before baking, and then returned to the oven with mini Creme Eggs scattered over the top. Served with fresh cream or ice cream as part of your Easter Sunday feast.

Get the recipe: Hot cross Creme Egg pudding

Ice cream Creme Eggs

How cute and effective are these eggs filled with ice cream and fruit curd?

15. Ice cream Creme Eggs

Make: 4 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 5 min

Simple but effective, the kids are going to love these creative little homemade chocolate eggs. Just grab some hollow Easter eggs (the sort you get in those big packs for an egg hunt) and fill with vanilla ice cream and either lemon or passion fruit curd. Perfect for a kid's dessert after a family meal on the holiday weekend. 

Get the recipe: Ice cream Creme Eggs

Creme Egg rocky road

Rocky road, but not as we know it

16. Creme Egg rocky road

Serves: 9-12 | Skill level: Easy| Total time: 20 min

Melted white chocolate, crushed biscuits, marshmallows, Creme eggs, orange icing, more Creme Eggs. So many great things, all in one place. As if that wasn't all good enough, this fun and creative rocky road is ready to eat in under an hour, the kids will love making it almost as much as they eating it, and it can be given as an Easter present, wrapped in cellophane and wrapped up with a ribbon. A delight.

Get the recipe: Creme Egg rocky road

Creme Egg pain au chocolat

Can we have this for breakfast every day please?

17. Creme Egg pain au chocolat

Makes: 6 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 30 min

Taking a classic French pastry to a whole new level, these homemade pain au chocolat (easier than it sounds to make, we promise) replaces the usual melty chocolate chunks with mini Creme Eggs. And because that's clearly not enough chocolate, the whole thing is drizzled in that other continental favourite, Nutella (or just melt down an Easter egg to use instead if you're lucky enough to have a glut of them around the house). A chocolate breakfast that will have you starting as you very much mean to go on this holiday weekend.

Get the recipe: Creme Egg pain au chocolat

Creme Egg croquembouche

A jolly fun centrepiece for the Easter table

18. Creme Egg croquembouche

Serves: 10 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 25 min

A croquembouche is a proper showstopper of a dessert and this Easter twist on the classic is super simple to knock together and a guaranteed talking point for the bank holiday dinner table. Buying ready-made profiterole choux buns lightens the load – fill them with whipped cream, top them with melted choc and stick them together with icing. The 'egg splat' effect is achieved with icing sugar with yellow food colouring for the yolk. And, as if it couldn't sound any better, it's all stacked together with Creme Eggs. 

Get the recipe: Creme Egg croquembouche

Creme Egg bundt cake

Giving the classic German bundt cake the Easter treatment

19. Creme Egg bundt cake

Serves: 8-12 | Skill level: Medium | Total time: 50 min

The key bit of kit here is a bundt tin, to make this unique shaped German cake – named by the pan's designer Dave Dalquist from the word bundkuchen, meaning  a cake for a gathering. He added the 't' so he could trademark the name, fact fans.

Many varieties of cakes work a treat in a bundt tin. This one is, of course, of the chocolate variety. Filled with Creme Eggs, topped with Creme Eggs and coated in melted chocolate, it's a perfect Easter centrepiece.

Get the recipe: Creme Egg bundt cake

Scotch Creme Eggs

We thought we loved a savoury Scotch egg, but these are next level…

20. Scotch Creme Eggs

Serves/Makes: 4 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 20 min

How adorable and effective are these? This clever design sees your Creme Eggs enveloped in sticky jammy cake crumbs that are then covered in dessicated coconut, in a sweet spin on the classic Scotch egg. A great one to make with kids as it needs zero cooking – it's basically a twist on a cake pop – and will go down a storm on a picnic or buffet table over the holiday weekend.

Get the recipe: Scotch Creme Eggs

Creme Egg cupcakes

Spring in a cupcake

21. Creme Egg cupcakes

Serves/Makes: 12 | Skill level: Medium | Total time: 45 min

These pretty seasonal cupcakes are made up of a cocoa sponge containing sour cream, and topped with a Swiss meringue buttercream with a Spring-like yellow hue. Topped with a mini Creme Egg, they're a delight to serve to any guests over the  weekend, and will look positively glorious on your Easter table. 

Get the recipe: Creme Egg cupcakes

Homemade Cadbury Creme Egg chocolate pancakes on a purple plate

Creme Egg pancakes? Don't mind if we do

(Image credit: Rose Fooks)

22. Cadbury Creme Egg chocolate pancakes

Makes: 8 | Skill level: Easy | Total time: 25 min

If there's a better way to start the day, we'd like to know about it. For this Easter pancake recipe, the Creme Egg is broken up – the 'goo' is warmed to make a sweet, melted marshmallow topping and the chocolate coating is melted and added to the pancake mix for chocolate flavoured pancakes. A highly inventive spin for your sweet eggs, and a breakfast of champions.

Get the recipe: Cadbury Creme Egg chocolate pancakes

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