Mum shares shocking picture to show how much sugar is in a Crème Egg

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  • They might be naughty, but most Crème Egg fans are refusing to apologise…

    Cadbury Crème Eggs are one of the best (if not the best) things about the time between New Year and Easter. You can dish them up with soldiers, decorate a Crème Egg cake and even put them in a toastie! But have you ever wondered exactly how much sugar is packed into your favourite Easter treat?

    One mum made it her business to find out, and shared her discovery in a shocking Facebook post. The picture shows a Crème Egg next to an enormous pile of sugar, along with a two pence piece to give viewers an idea of scale.

    ‘Warning, may upset Crème Egg lovers…this amount of sugar in ONE cream egg?? Surely not…crikey!’ she wrote in the caption.

    A single Crème Egg weighs 40g and contains 26.5g sugar, which means the white stuff makes up a whopping two-thirds of its weight. It also means that eating a single Crème Egg brings you dangerously close to hitting the NHS’s recommended 30g a day limit for free sugars.

    Some Crème Egg fans were horrified, with one commenting: ‘Life is truly pointless now I can’t even eat a Crème Egg ever again.’

    But others thought the pile of sugar looked suspiciously large in comparison to the egg itself. ‘That amount of sugar clearly won’t fit inside one Crème Egg. The Crème Egg is simply too small,’ wrote one.

    Others admitted they weren’t surprised. ‘These are so super sweet – what else do you think makes them so sweet!?’ asked one person. ‘Just don’t overdo it and enjoy!’

    And many more confessed that they just didn’t care.

    ‘Sorry, I disagree with your logic,’ one user replied. ‘It is very important to overdo the Crème Eggs. They only come out for a few months each year. Then if I give up choc in Lent I only have a few weeks before the eggs become “eggstinct” again!!’

    ‘Don’t even care – they are just so yummy!!’ said another.

    ‘When I am eating one the amount of sugar in it does not enter my head or my conscience!!!!!’ another admitted.

    Other people saw the funny side.

    ‘Not worried about the sugar but gotta watch out for those 2p coins!!’ wrote one. ‘You’ll break a tooth on that for sure!!’

    ‘All I take from this photo is I would much rather eat a Crème Egg than a pile of sugar and a two pence piece,’ joked another.

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