Lidl has launched a Biscoff tiramisu and we desperately want to try it

Biscoff Tiramisu
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Lidl is selling a Biscoff flavoured tiramisu and we desperately want to get our hands on it.

When it comes to sweet treats, Biscoff really is up there with the world's favourites.

Whether you enjoy your caramelised biscuit indulgence in classic cookie form or prefer a huge spoonful of Biscoff spread, it's certainly one of the most delicious flavours out there and pretty much goes with anything.

You can use combos of Biscoff spread and biscuits to create some seriously drool-worthy recipes - including five ingredient Biscoff fudge, dreamy Biscoff cake balls, sticky Biscoff flapjacks and even low calorie Biscoff blondies.

Lidl Speculoos Tiramisu

Credit: Lidl

Now iconic bargain supermarket Lidl has taken some epic inspiration to create Speculoos Tiramasu that tastes just like Biscoff.

As die hard Biscoff fans will know, speculoos is the real name for the European caramelised cookies that Biscoff is based on.

As part of Lidl's new Italian range, the sweet and spicy flavours of speculoos has been blended with the rich taste of  to create the ultimate dessert.

Lidl describes the puds as, 'Light and airy vanilla flavoured mousse sits on a bed of sweetly spiced Speculoos, and is topped with a dusting of rich cocoa.

'Perfect served on its own or with a generous drizzle of fresh cream, it’s the ultimate after-dinner dessert – or even a cheeky afternoon treat!'

Biscoff Lotus Topping Sauce 1kg Squeezy Bottle Perfect for pouring on just about anything you fancy- this stuff has tonnes of five star reviews and for good reason!

Biscoff 1kg topping sauce

Credit: Amazon

Shoppers can get their hands on them from February 25th when they hit shelves and a pack of two pots are priced at just £1.29. That's a bargain and a half.

If you still can't get enough Biscoff, you need to nab this 1kg bottle of Biscoff topping sauce.

The dessert drizzle is just like Biscoff’s iconic caramelised biscuits but in sauce form.

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