Lidl are selling their own McDonald’s-style chicken nuggets (and they’re half the price!)

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  • Lidl have started selling McDonald’s-style chicken nuggets for half the price.

    If you’re always looking for the best bargain and, like us, you’re partial to the delicious delicacy commonly known as chicken nuggets, we’ve got some wonderful news for you.

    The budget supermarket that regularly delights us with their low prices (and surprisingly good quality) has done it again, this time with one of the world’s best snacks.

    You can now get McDonald’s-style nuggets at the supermarket, which at £1.69 for a pack of ten works out at 17p per nugget, while a pack of nine costs £3.19 at McDonald’s, which works out at 35p per nugget.

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    McDonald’s also sell a sharing pack of 20 for £3.99, which works out at 20p per nugget – which means that Lidl’s are still cheaper!

    This amazing discovery was recently shared on the Facebook page ’10 ways to have more money’ and went viral soon after, getting more than 11k comments, 900 shares and 3k likes.

    Many commented to say Lidl’s version of the nuggets, which even come with curry and sweet and sour dips, taste the same as the ones you can buy from the popular fast food chain, or even better.

    One said: ‘They are better imo. And the missus agrees, as of last week, when she tried them for the first time. The thing to watch is the breaded and battered packs are thrown in together, so you’ll probably need to dig down a bit to get the battered ones.’

    Another wrote: ‘We tried these in Lanzarote and they are just the same as McDonald’s ones. We were really surprised.’

    Others said they’re not quite as a good but branded them a worthy substitute: ‘They are not as good as McDonalds but are a worthy substitute if you’re too baked to walk to Maccas. Top tip there.’

    Another Facebook user who works at Lidl pointed out that while delicious, they’re not always available: ‘ I work in a Lidl store… just so your all aware it isn’t something we sell regularly. It’s a special offer so once it’s gone it’s gone. Grab them while you can because they are delicious!’

    Will you be giving Lidl’s chicken nuggets a try? Let us know in the comments!