Lidl launches gin and juniper roast pork flavour crisps for Christmas

Gin and tonic is SO last Tuesday

Lidl gin crisps are the latest supermarket offering that allows shopper to indulge their love of gin way beyond a Friday night G&T.

We've had alternative advent calendars (opens in new tab) stuffed full of 24 delectable gins, gin mince pies (opens in new tab), and even gin and tonic teacakes (opens in new tab), but now supermarket chain Lidl have launched a brand new food brimming with delicious gin and juniper flavours.

Brand new for the festive season, and sure to brighten up any drinks and nibbles soiree, are Lidl's Gin & Juniper Roast Pork crisps.

The Lidl gin crisps are described as 'extra crunchy skin-on hand cooked crisps made from specially selected British potatoes.' Sounds delicious right?

Infused with the fragrant aroma of gin, these ham flavoured crisps have been given a festive twist – with favourite Christmas flavour roast pork (opens in new tab). As crispy roast potatoes (opens in new tab) and a scrumptious roast meat are two of the key components of any Sunday lunch, it's almost like a roast dinner (opens in new tab) in a crisp! With that all important gin infusion of course…

A spokersperon for Lidl says: 'Given the popularity of gin this festive season, Lidl has gone one step further with the Deluxe range of festive hand cooked crisps which includes a new and exciting Gin & Juniper Roast Pork flavour.'

You can pick up a 150g bag of Lidl gin crisps for just 99p from all Lidl supermarkets.

If you're a gin fan and you're popping to Lidl to pick up a packet of the Gin & Juniper Roast Pork flavour crisps, be sure to keep an eye out for Lidl's brand new range of gin liqueurs (opens in new tab) too.

The pretty pink gins are already proving popular with shoppers all over the UK thanks to their deliciously fruity flavours and gorgeous bottle design. Plus, both bottles of the pink gin liqueurs are available for just £11.99 each – bargain!