This super Tuscan wine that can sell for HUNDREDS costs £13.99 at Lidl

Yes, please!
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  • Lidl have launched a Super Tuscan wine as part of its summer wine tour - a style of wine that can be sold for hundreds of pounds but costs just £13.99 at the budget retailer.

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    Super Tuscan wines usually have a hefty price tag because they are very high quality and are relatively rare. Given that some Super Tuscan wines can go into the hundreds, there’s no denying that Lidl’s latest offering is a real bargain at just £13.99.

    Plus, Super Tuscan wines have a celebrity fan club. George Clooney reportedly enjoyed a Sassicaia at his wedding in 2014.

    Lidl’s master of wine Richard Bamfield, alongside two other Masters of Wine, awarded the Bolgheri Medici Riccardi a very high score of 92/10, pushing it into the outstanding category.

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    In stores while stocks last, the Bolgheri Medici Riccardi comes from a vineyard situated in one of Italy’s most historic wine regions.

    Tasting notes include ‘deep, dark fruits’ balanced by ‘polished oaky’. The Bolgheri Medici Riccardi is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot grapes.

    Super Tuscan wines are made from grapes or blends that aren’t native to Tuscany. These include the famous Bordeaux grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot.

    Speaking about the latest summer wine tour Richard Bampfield explained, ‘Lidl is famous for giving customers unbeatable value when it comes to wine, but this collection really takes it to the next level. We considered this to be its highest rated collection yet.’

    The other wines in the tour include a £7.49 Vignamatta Veneto Bianco from Verona Italy. This ‘off-dry white’ has ‘aromas of honey, pear and rich fruit’.

    There’s also the £7.99 Ceo Godello Monterrei from Spain. It is ‘juicy, moreish and dry with white peach flavours’.

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