McDonald's has launched five new summer menu items including a sticky BBQ burger  

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McDonald's has revamped its summer menu, offering five new delicious sounding treats as of today.

Nothing beats a cheeky McDonald's and now customers can sample a variety of new treats, thanks to the fast food chain's launch of five new menu items.

For a limited time, the new BBQ Quarter Pounder with Cheese will be available on the McDonald's menu. The latest addition is a twist on the classic Maccies Quarter Pounder with Cheese but with the delicious tang of bbq sauce added for the summer.

The burger will also be available in a double-sized version with two beef patties, for those with a bigger appetite. But not during the much loved McDonald's breakfast time (opens in new tab) hours.

Fan's are also thrilled that McDonald's Monopoly (opens in new tab) will be making a welcome return this summer.

McDonald's summer menu

Credit: McDonald's
(Image credit: McDonalds)

While we won't be able to enjoy packet of stringy McDonald's Mozzarella Dippers (opens in new tab) anymore, Garlic Cheese Bites have made their way onto the menu as part of a share box.

With the summer heat wave underway, the McFlurry menu is being revamped, with Aero Chocolate and Aero Mint being replaced by Twix and Mars selections.

McDonald's summer menu

Credit: McDonald's
(Image credit: McDonald's)

The new menu will be available starting today (Wednesday, July 28), but it will only be available for four weeks, so act fast if you want to give the treats a go. While you're at it, try out the ultimate McDonald's menu hacks (opens in new tab) and the cheeky trick to make sure you get fresh fries (opens in new tab) every time.

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Foodie Instagram account NewFoodsUK shared details of the new burger launches, sharing snaps online and prompting an excited response from Maccies fans.

One wrote, "My fave Twix mcflurry 😍 "

Another excited McDonald's lover penned, "You better get to McDonald’s 🤣," tagging their pal.

"Yes please," a third added.

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