McDonald’s is bringing back Maltesers, Smarties and Oreo McFlurries

mcdonalds mcflurry core menu changing
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McDonald’s is bringing back Maltesers, Smarties and Oreo McFlurries.

McDonald’s has a whole host of classic favourite menu items.

Their iconic happy meal, which recently added a new item to its boxes, the legendary Big Mac, which earlier this year added bacon for the very first time, and of course the food chain’s moreish chicken nuggets.

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But no meal is complete with a dessert. And that is especially true of McDonald’s meals.

The fast food restaurant’s staple McFlurry has been a family favourite for years, and what makes it even more exciting is all the toppings that it comes with.

Cadbury’s favourites, bubbly Aero, smooth and sweet Galaxy – there are always delicious toppings to choose from when ordering the soft serve ice cream.

But what can sometimes get frustrating for customers is constantly changing menu of options.

Of course you can get the McFlurry plain if you just love the ice cream, and then there are certain stock toppings like Cadbury’s Dairy Milk.

But the exciting toppings are always changing up so you might have your favourite Oreo available for a month and then come the 31st it is switched up.

So the fast food restaurant is giving customers the chance to have a constant supply of some of the most popular toppings.

The chain is changing their core line up McFlurry flavours and are bringing back Oreo, Maltesers and Smarties McFlurries.

The restaurant announced the news on their Twitter page, asking customers which flavour they’re most excited about and revealing that the menu change will take place next week on 26th June.

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McFlurry fans were expectedly very excited about the upcoming change, taking to Twitter to express their happiness.

‘The Smartie McFlurry was a symbol of my childhood before you took it away,’ wrote one keen fan, ‘but then again the malteser one has always been great’.

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Customers will be able to get hold of the returning McFlurry flavours in branches across the country.

We might just have to get one of each!

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