McDonald's potato waffles are coming to the UK as legendary burger is scrapped

We're so ready for McDonald's potato waffles

McDonald's potato waffles
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McDonald's potato waffles are hitting the UK menu very soon along with a brand new chicken burger and more yummy additions. 

While fresh McDonald's fries are are a go-to for plenty of fast food lovers all around the world, there's about to be a new fried potato treat available for UK McDonald's fans to get their hands on.

From October 19th, five new items will be available to snap up from the McDonald's menu, including potato waffles. 

McDonald's potato waffles

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For the first time ever, the iconic Maccie's hash browns will be joined by a new potato-based morning treat as the portion of three mini potato waffles becomes an option on the McDonald's breakfast menu for just £1.39. 

BBQ Bacon Stack, a Cadbury Twirl McFlurry and Nacho Cheese Bites are also back on the main menu, having gone down a storm with diners in the past. 

In other bittersweet McDonald's news, a brand new chicken burger is set to become available next week, with the McCrispy arriving on a permanent basis. 

However, it's out with another beloved Maccie's chicken treat, as the Chicken Legend  will no longer be being served. 

McDonald's potato waffles - McCrispy burger

(Image credit: McDonald's UK)

The new McCrispy is described as "100% chicken breast fillet in a crispy, crunchy coating. Served with iceberg lettuce, black pepper mayo and a delicious sourdough-style sesame topped bun". 

While the new arrival sounds totally tempting, some McDonald's regulars are gutted to be saying goodbye to the trusty Chicken Legend, with many taking to social media to express their devastation. 

"McDonalds getting rid of the chicken legend is honestly the most ridiculous and disgraceful thing I’ve ever heard," one wrote, telling the fast food giant they should be "ashamed".

Others shared photographic evidence of their final Chicken Legend indulgence before they're banished for good, while one more declared, "I’m sorry but McDonald's getting rid of the Chicken Legend is going to push me over the edge."

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