McVitie’s is releasing brand new Jaffa Cake Nibbles

jaffa cake nibbles
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We all like a good sweet treat at some point during the day.

Whether it’s a crunchy biscuit with our morning tea or moist cake to get through that afternoon dip.

But there’s one controversial snack that we can fuel up on at either of those times, and thankfully it’s one of the yummiest out there.

The humble Jaffa Cake has a been a nation favourite for decades due to its soft sponge, sweet orangey jelly and hint of chocolate, and now it’s parent company is releasing a new version to make it even easier for us to gobble up.

McVitie’s is launching Jaffa Cake nibbles that come in the form of little bite-sized chocolate balls, filled with the classic orange jelly and soft cake.

jaffa cake nibbles

Credit: McVitie's

The treats will be available to buy in supermarkets across the country and will come in at £1.50 for a 100g bag and 69p for a smaller 39g.

Unfortunately there is a slight catch. You can’t quite get your hands on yet.

The Maltesers-eqsue nibbles will be available at the start of next year from 7th January, so actually not that long to wait!

But if you’re craving some chocolate orange goodness before then, head to Marks and Spencer who is also taking advantage of everyone's love for this classic sweet and tangy flavour combo.

Back in September, they released a Jaffa Cake Cocktail so that we can now eat and drink our favourite flavour.

jaffa cake cocktail

Credit: Marks & Spencer

M&S suggests drinking it on its own over ice, but we think the rum-based cocktail would blend perfectly into a grown-up milkshake.

Or if you want to keep your chocolate orange encounters strictly PG for now, get your hands on Marks and Spencer Christmassy spreads, which include the tangy chocolate classic as well as a red velvet offering. That is a serious buttery toast upgrade.

Looks like the New Year’s diet might have to wait…

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