The perfect summer Pimm’s recipe

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Our perfect summer Pimm’s is ideal for when you're entertaining! Scale the ingredients up or down depending n how many people you've got coming over...

perfect summer Pimm’s
Preparation Time6 mins
Total Time6 mins

A perfect summer Pimm’s is one of those drinks that everyone should know how to whip up on a sunny afternoon.

Our Pimm's recipe is perfect for summer! A classic British tipple that just calls for a long, hot, summer's day. This fruity cocktail combines the unique taste this gin-based liqueur, made with a mixture of secret herbs and aromatics, with plenty of refreshing lemonade and flavourful fruits. For a traditional take we’ve gone for strawberries and cucumber - the classic combination. But really you can customise your recipe with anything you like. We also love sliced oranges, grapefruit and lemons for a zesty twist.


  • 400ml Pimm’s or any other Summer Cup brand of your choice
  • 1.2lt lemonade
  • handful fresh strawberries, chopped
  • ¼ cucumber, halved and thinly sliced
  • handful fresh mint, roughly torn
  • Ice, to serve




  1. Prepare your fruit and wash the mint thoroughly.
  2. Add ice to a large jug and pour over the Pimm’s and lemonade. Stir well and add the strawberries, cucumber and mint.
  3. Serve over more ice in tall hi-ball glasses.

Top tip for mixing the perfect summer Pimm’s

This Pimm's recipe makes enough for eight large glasses of Pimm’s so is perfect for parties. And you can scale up or down, depending on the size of your gang. You basically want one part Pimm’s to three parts lemonade for a traditional serve. If you fancy mixing things up a little you can add a splash more gin, which intensifies the flavour and gives the whole thing a bit of a stronger kick.

When should you serve Pimm's?

Pimm's is an aperitif cocktail. Because of the sweet, fruity flavours of Pimm’s, it works really well as a late afternoon treat, before dinner, to help work up an appetite. That said, we love serving it up before or alongside a BBQ. The pleasant aromatics really work to compliment grilled fish and chicken, as well as punchier flavours like jerk marinated meat.

What's a good alternative to Pimms?

If you love the idea of a cool, clinky cocktail but can't stomach Pimm's, try something more continental. Campari is very popular in Italy - serve it with soda over ice, or in a long glass with orange juice. Aperol Spritz are a modern alternative. Sangria is a Spanish version of Pimm's, usually with chunks of fresh orange in. And we've got loads of delicious cocktail recipes here.

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