Morrisons launches 1kg boxes of fresh produce for only £1

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  • Morrisons has launched 1kg boxes of fresh produce for only £1.

    As part of their new scheme called Too Good To Waste, the leading supermarket will now be selling the large of boxes of mixed fruit, vegetables and salad for the low price to help reduce food waste.

    Following suit of Lidl’s wonky veg boxes, the containers will hold produce that is nearing the end of its shelf life and will be available in stores nationwide.

    Each item will have its condition checked by the supermarket before going in the boxes, to make sure that they’re still of an adequate quality and are suitable for consumption.

    Morrisons has said that to make up the selection they will choose from 75 types of fruit, 80 kinds of vegetables and 50 varieties of salad.

    morrisons too good to waste

    Credit: Morrisons

    The scheme aims not only to go towards tackling the ongoing issue of food waste, but supermarket bosses also hope that it will give customers a way of trying lots of different types of produce in small quantities and for a cheap price.

    ‘We’ve listened to our customers who said they don’t want to see good food going to waste,’ said Morrisons’ fruit and veg director Drew Kirk.

    ‘So we’ve created these boxes and every day we’ll fill them with a wide selection of produce at risk of being thrown away.

    ‘Because produce may be unusual and varied, customers can also try some new and exciting dishes at home without having to spend a fortune.’

    morrisons too good to waste

    Credit: Morrisons

    And to help you reduce food waste throughout Christmas, the supermarket are also selling boxes of wonky Brussels sprouts.

    They might not be the best part of the Christmas dinner, but they are a classic (and are said to taste much better when accompanied with this Lidl wine).

    For only 75p, the wonky sprout stalks come in at half the normal price, so if you’re not a big fan and don’t want to splash on them these are perfect.

    ‘Apart from being a little short, our wonky sprouts have exactly the same taste and nutritional benefits as normal sprouts,’ said Michael Weightman, Sprout Buyer at Morrisons.

    ‘Whether you love them or hate them, we know sprouts are an important part of Christmas dinners up and down the country. We hope that by selling whole crops of sprouts – not just the ‘perfect’ ones – we can do our bit to support British farmers and reduce food waste this Christmas.’

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