M&S is bringing out brand new Percy Pigs – with a BIG change

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  • Percy Pigs are an iconic M&S product, and the supermarket is bringing out a brand new version of the sweets.

    After 18 months of development, shoppers will now be able to pick up reduced sugar Percy Pigs which contain 36 per cent less sugar, but ‘all the fruity flavour’ of the original raspberry flavoured pig shaped sweets.

    The reduced sugar Percy Pigs cost £1.65 per bag, and they’re clearly marked with a blue banner reading ‘1/3 less sugar’. So you can make sure you pick up the right one when you’re in store! They’re the same price as the original Percy’s.

    Other products from the Percy range will still be available, so customers have the option to stay with the original recipe or give the reduced sugar version a go. It’s not known if reduced sugar versions of any other Percy products will be available in future.

    M&S Percy Product Developer Natalie Tate said: ‘As customers are increasingly aware of their sugar intake, our new Reduced Sugar Percy Pigs are perfect for any Percy Pigs fans who love the fruity flavour but are looking to cut down their sugar a little.’

    Percy Pigs

    Credit: M&S

    Earlier this year M&S confirmed that Percy Pigs were now vegetarian, and no longer contained gelatine in its recipe. But not all shoppers were happy with the decision to change the recipe.

    The reduced sugar Percy Pigs are also gelatine free, but sadly the range is not vegan as the products still contain beeswax after the recipe change.

    Another classic recipe was revamped recently, as shoppers can now buy a reduced sugar version of Cadbury Dairy Milk. This marks the first change to the Dairy Milk recipe in 114 years.

    With many sugar-free or reduced sugar options available, it means that those with a sweet tooth can still indulge whilst managing their sugar intake. We’re definitely here for this.

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