‘The answer is no’ The ONE thing the Great British Bake Off judges refuse to do

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  • The Great British Bake Off is back, with the same old theme tune, in the same old tent, at the same old location. One thing’s different, however, and that’s the line up of judges.

    As new presenter Noel Fielding puts it, they’re ‘all newbies apart from old blue eyes’, of course referring to Mr Paul Hollywood. However, despite never having worked together before the four famous faces – comedians Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig, cookery writer Pru Leith and master baker Paul Hollywood – already have something in common when it comes to the Bake Off 2017. They never watch it.

    That’s right, the four people who you would think would be guaranteed viewers for Channel Four’s takeover of the much-loved baking show, don’t even watch it.

    It’s not because they don’t like it though, because who doesn’t like watching selections of cakes being enjoyed? It’s because they don’t like watching themselves back on television, despite their collective years’ of experience on the box.

    At a recent question and answer session at Channel 4, Prue Leith revealed she’s not an avid viewer, saying: ‘If you ask me if I’ve seen much of the show, the answer is no. I really can’t bear [it]. I don’t watch myself on television.’

    And despite her slender frame it would appear that Prue can be a little too self-critical just like the rest of us. Making a quip at her own expense she explained a little further why she didn’t like watching herself back, saying: ‘I keep thinking why is the cameraman round the back getting all my fat bits.’

    Pru’s colleagues agreed with her, with Paul chipping in, saying: ‘I haven’t seen the programme,’ while Sandi agreed the same thing saying she tried not to watch herself on the telly either.

    However, despite her tendency to try not to watch herself too often, Sandi later admitted that of course she’d seen the programme, as she’s the voice behind the famously light-hearted narration on the show.