Cadbury and Oreo have teamed up to create the ULTIMATE Christmas biscuit assortment

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Now that summer is dwindling and we’re heading towards the lead up to the most wonderful time of the year, supermarket shelves are already beginning to fill up with festive treats.

Of course, Christmas would hardly be complete without a big box of assorted biscuits being passed around after that big turkey dinner, with the same Xmas biccies seeming to make an appearance every time.

Luckily, if you’re bored of munching on the classic cookie selections from the likes of McVitie’s or Fox’s in December, B&M have released an epic alternative.

Sharing the delicious news on Facebook yesterday, the bargain store announced that they are now stocking a seriously scrumptious Cadbury and Oreo biscuit collaboration.

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The chocolate-y treats can be yours for just £3.99 and, as it’s most likely impossible to resist tucking into these until the 25th, they're sure to bring a mouthful of festive spirit to your pre-Chrimbo treat time.

Packaged in a beautiful blue and purple box, teaming Cadbury and Oreo’s iconic colours, the sweet assortment includes a range of Cadbury classics like Fingers, Cookies, Roundies, Choco Sandwich and Wispa biscuits.

There’s original Oreos in there too, as well as their equally mouth watering Golden alternative and a yummy looking ‘Cocoa Spiral’.

Foodie Instagram account @newfoodsuk made sure to spread the exciting info, posting a pic of the biscuit box complete with a glimpse of the goods inside for its 85,000 followers.

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Naturally, dozens of sweet-toothed commenters flocked to express their excitement, with one penning: ‘😍😍 we’ll be on a tea and biscuit over load at Christmas time,’ and a second chipping in: ‘no way!!!!! This is amazing - the Cadbury Choco sandwich ! Life 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻.’

Meanwhile, another made sure to add the new release to their Christmas list, saying: ‘Can I have this for Xmas please? B&M special.’

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